Jo Frost-12-2-11
The Taeko Family is an episode of season 12. Jo travels to Tokyo, Japan to help parents Satoko, age 42 and Satoshi, age 49 with their 10 children. Toshio, age 17, Yoshi, age 12, Fraternal twins Aki and Akio, age 10, Shika, age 7½, Nobuko, age 6, Identical Triplets Kai, Takashi, and Arata, age 4, and Cho, age 2 days, while Toshio, Yoshi, Aki, Akio, Shika, Arata and Nobuko are well-behaved and well-mannered. but not Kai (sometimes Kai is well mannered) and Takashi, Kai menaces his newborn sister and hits his parents but does well in school and doesn't do any other inappropriate things and he is mostly well-behaved, Takashi (The worst behaved) Swears and even dunks Toshio's head in water, swears, hits, and does other violent stuff. he got kicked out of 5 schools so far he is on the brink of getting expelled from his 6th school since he is bullying other children. Toshio became a third parent when these situations happen, and Satoko keeps losing track of Cho's routine, and Arata feels left out becasue of his brothers behavior. It's up to Jo to set things right in the Taeko household once and for all!

Discipline Techiques used: Naughty Square (For Takashi and Kai) (Only if Kai hits Satoko, Satoshi, and Cho)

Other Techiques used: Baby Log, Thought Box, Pokemon Reward Chart (For the yonger children age 4-7 The triplets, Nobuko and Shika only), Ju-on and Ringu Reward Chart (For the older children age 10-17 -Toshio, Yoshi and Akio only) (Execpt Aki), Hello Kitty Reward Chart (For Aki only)

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