Congratulations! You've brought yourself a TOSHIO SAMO unit, read this manual to avoid getting killed by a SATOKO SAMO unit

Techincal SpecificationsEdit

Name: Toshio Samo (Will also respond to Toshio-sama, Heir of Samo and angrily to Spoiled Brat)

Age: 6

Place of Manufacture: Tokyo, Japan

Height: 120 cm

Weight: 50 lbs

Your unit comes with the following

One green and red t-shirt

A pair of jeans

A Shadow plush

Loads of manga, plush, and anime DVDS

Knife to protect himself

5 packs of Pocky sticks.

A katana

Removal from Packaging

Play the Japanese national anthem,

Take one of his manga and saying to him If he wants to read this

Whisper "TV is for adults" and he will come out holding a knife, he'll aploigize when your not a GIUSEPPE TODARO unit


He is programmed with amazing features

Manga Artist: He can draw manga characters very well

Bodyguard: Need a bodyguard to protect your child? use his unit to help!

Your unit comes with the following modes

Calm (default)

Quiet (default)

Shonen Jump reader (default)

Enraged (locked)

Violent (locked)

TOSHIO units are serious, yet quiet, they read Seinen and Shonen manga, but they are one of the most violent units for a young boy, soothing his enemies before killing them, he can also be very Tsundere, similar to his mother.

His enraged mode is locked, if it is acitvated, he will kick other people and units around him, he managed to kill a MARSHALL TODARO unit using a knife

His Violent mode is locked also, this is where he starts attacking people

Relationships with other units

SATOKO SAMO: This unit is his mother and they follow them around

REIKO SHAKO: These unit is his grandmother, she loves to hang out with this unit

STACIE TODARO: Keep him under the guard of a SATOKO SAMO unit

SACHIKO KOSHI: These two are the best of friends, they'll get along fine

SHIKA KOSHI: The female leader of Toshio's team, these two get along well


He gets help cleaning himself


Don't give him Stacie's cooking, just don't, his favorite foods are pocky, ramen, sushi, and most Japanese foods.


Normal sleep patterns

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Toshio is in adult conversation with a SATOKO SAMO unit, what should I do!

A: Don't worry, he often plays with children near the conversation

Q: My TOSHIO SAMO unit is being cold to me and won't share with my children!

A: He will not share with anyone he doesn't know.


A: Bad idea, my friend, he hates them more than everything,

Q: My unit speaking in a weird language, can you tell me what it means?

A: TOSHIO SAMO units speak Japanese. There is a translation device that is sold separately.

Q: My unit is scowling at me, did I do something wrong?

A: That'sjust his default expression,  he scowls most of everything as if he hates everything, but manga, anime, Pokemon, plush dolls, and death will make him smirk.

Q: My unit is stabbing my other units with a katana!

A: He might hate these units.


Q: Instead of recieving a 6-year old boy, you recieved a boy soaking wet and in bruises

A: Oh dear, we sended you the 5 year old TOSHIO SAMO, these units are abused by KAZUKI SAMO units.

Q: My TOSHIO SAMO unit is a girl?!

A: We sended you a Shika Koshi unit by accident, they resemble Toshio alot, and we get mixed up alot.

Q: I dirtied my unit's Shadow plush doll, and he's holding a katana to my throat! what should I do?

A: Oh dear, That Shadow plush doll is very special to him, get a SATOKO SAMO unit to clean it and he'll be happy.

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