Nicole: "It was August 25, when T.K. was in the hospital room, struggling through the battle against Spina Bifida. His mother, Sylvia, decided that he needed to take his mind off his illness and decide what is the one thing he would want most after a close friend of hers recommended a charity which granted the children with terminal life-threatening illnesses called Make-A-Wish Foundation."

[We see little T.K., age 2 1/2, in his room playing with his Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, Perry the Platypus, Lots-O-Huggin' Bear, Tigger, Bambi, Kermit, Sulley, Duffy Bear, Donald Duck, Simba, Pluto, Olaf, Dumbo and Goofy plushies]

Sylvia: "T.K., what is one wish you would want to come true, sweetie?"

T.K.: "I want go Disney World for my birthday and see Mickey Mouse!"

[We see a stack of Disney Sing-A-Long Songs DVD's (Campout at Walt Disney World, Beach Party at Walt Disney World, Disneyland Fun, Happy Haunting and Flik's Musical Adventure) next to a TV set]

Sylvia: "I'll see what the Fairy Godmother can do, darling."

[Corey comes into T.K.'s room]

Corey: "Hi, T.K., how are you doing, little brother?"

[T.K. smiles at Corey]

Cut to:

[Sylvia talks to Chris about T.K.'s wish and they contact a charity organization called Make-A-Wish]

Sylvia: "Hello, this is Sylvia Balkov. I would like to refer a child who has a life-threatening illness."

Caller: "What is the child's name and age?"

Sylvia: "T.K., short for Tyler Keith, and he is 2 1/2 years old."

Caller: "What is T.K.'s illness, ma'am?"

Sylvia: "He has had Spina bifida since he was born, and he still has it."

Caller: "What is T.K.'s wish, ma'am?"

Sylvia: "To go to Walt Disney World for his 3rd birthday to Meet Mickey Mouse."

Caller: "Do you have health insurance?"

Sylvia: "Yes, I do, we're covered by Kaiser Permanente."

Caller: "What is the doctor's name?"

Sylvia: "Dr. Dalton Smith, you can contact him at (307)-555-9987."

Caller: "your relationship with T.K.?"

Sylvia: "I'm his mother,"

Nicole: "T.K.'s wish and diagnosis story was shown on wish(dot)org and people everywhere began to read his story. Donations began rising and pouring in like crazy."

Checking with the DoctorEdit

Dr. Dalton Smith: "T.K., the fairy godmother told me you wish to meet Mickey Mouse for your birthday at Walt Disney World, is that correct?"

T.K.: "Uh-huh."

Dr. Dalton Smith: "I love Mickey Mouse. He's my favorite. Let's see how you're doing."

2 days later, the wish granters from Make-A-Wish Foundation arrive with a limousineEdit

Duncan: "Mom, Dad, look! A big black, fancy car parked outside our house!"

Lisa: "What's a car doing outside, mommy?"

Sylvia: "Oh, those must be the people from Make-A-Wish Foundation."

Corey: "What's going on, mom?"

Sylvia: "Hi, I'm Sylvia Balkov, T.K.'s mother, how are you?"

Send-Off Party for T.K.Edit

[We see a Mickey Mouse cake, some cupcakes, chips, dip, candy, a send-off bucket filled with crayons, markers, a play pack, an Official Walt Disney World autograph book with pen, coloring books and a chalk board]

[Friends and neighbors are gathered at the Balkov residence]

[The neighbor, Mrs. Rice presents T.K. a Mickey Mouse Canvas Tote]

[T.K. opens the Mickey Mouse Canvas Tote and gasps in delight to see what is inside the tote]

T.K.: "Mommy, Mommy!"

[Sylvia approaches T.K.]

T.K.: "Lookit, Mommy!"

[Sylvia takes a look inside the tote]

Sylvia: "Oh, my goodness, what is this?"

The Balkov Family goes to Walt Disney WorldEdit

Chris: "Everybody in the big fancy car, kids!"

[Corey gets in the limousine first, helping T.K. in]

[Lisa and Judy climb in, followed by Duncan and Kyle]

[Kim, Angie, Eliza, Yasmin and Jessie hop into the limousine, followed by Sylvia and Chris]

Sylvia: "Let's get you into your car seat, T.K., everyone else in your booster seats."

[T.K.'s nurse, Kelsey, walks into the limousine as well]

Arriving at the airportEdit

[T.K. is in his wheel chair]

Boarding the AirplaneEdit

[Sylvia takes T.K. and sits him next to her and Corey]

Pre-Arrival to their DestinationEdit

[The Balkov family disembarks the train and find Give Kids the World greeters holding a sign that reads, "Welcome T.K. Balkov"]

GKTW greeter #1: "You must be T.K., am I right?"

T.K.: "Yes."

GKTW greeter #2: "I'll take you and your family first go get their bags and your daddy will rent a car to take you over to your vacation spot. Is that okay with you, sweetheart?"

T.K.: "Yes."

GKTW greeter #1: "At Give Kids the World Village, the staff will be right there when you need them 24 hours a day, and they have everything what you are looking for, like ice cream for instance. Do you like ice cream, T.K.?"

T.K.: "Yes, I like ice cream."

Arriving at Give Kids the World VillageEdit

Tour guide: "you will be staying in a 2 bedroom villa, complete with a full kitchen and a living room."

Lisa: "Wow, it's like stepping into a storybook!"

[Tour guide points at the villa where T.K. and his family will be staying]

tour guide: "Now I'm going to show you Marc's Dino Putt, named after Marc McConnell, a kid who came to Give Kids the World. Marc's Dino a 7-hole putt golf course donated by Universal Studios Orlando."

Duncan: "Cool!"

[The tour guide leads the family over to Marc's Dino Putt]

Chris: "Look at that, guys."

Sylvia: "Wow, it's so amazing. Duncan, Corey, kids, look over there."

Yasmin/Eliza/Corey/Lisa/Duncan: "Cool!"

Kyle/Kim/Angie/Judy/Jessie: "Wow!"

T.K.: "Ooh!"

[Sylvia points at the cheery colorful dinosaur statues]

Tour guide: "Now I'm going to take you to Amberville...and then we'll take you to the Caring Center, the Castle of Miracles and the Ice Cream Palace."

Sylvia: "See, T.K.? This is the Ice Cream Palace, and that is the Castle of Miracles..."

[T.K. smiles in delight]

Sylvia: "And that over there, sweetie, is the Caring Center..."

One hour later

Tour guide: "That's all I have for you folks. If you have any questions, come see me. God bless your heart, little T.K."

At the village bedroomEdit

[The Balkov Family enter the villa bedroom to find a black collapsible cooler filled with goodies, including chocolates, assorted snacks, assorted sodas and crispy rice treats]

Corey: "Wow! Is that for us?"

[Sylvia finds a card next to the goodie-filled cooler and it reads, "Enjoy --Love, the Rice Family"]

Day 1Edit

Ashley's Art CornerEdit

Disney Magic KingdomEdit

Chris: "Here we are at the Magic Kingdom, everyone."

[T.K. is seen wearing a Give Kids the World button]

Sylvia: "What shall we do first?"

T.K.: "Dumbo!"

[Later, the Balkov meet Mickey Mouse]

Sylvia: "Look, T.K., it's Mickey Mouse!"

The World's Largest Candy Land PartyEdit

Day 2Edit

Disney Character PhotosEdit

Disney Animal KingdomEdit

Mayor Clayton's Hare-Raising Halloween PartyEdit

Day 3Edit

Nickelodeon Character PhotosEdit

Universal Studio OrlandoEdit

Fishing with MikeEdit

Mayor Clayton's Birthday PartyEdit

Day 4Edit

Horse and Pony RidesEdit

Disney's Hollywood StudiosEdit

Village IdolEdit

Day 5Edit

Disney Character PhotosEdit


Winter Wonderland FestivitiesEdit

Day 6Edit

Universal Character PhotosEdit

Universal Island of AdventureEdit

Sylvia: "T.K., look! It's the Cat in the Hat with Thing 1 and Thing 2!"

Ms. Merry's Enchanted Tea PartyEdit

Pirates and Princesses PartyEdit

Nicole: "That day came T.K.'s 3rd birthday."

[T.K. is in his Mickey Mouse costume and carrying his Mickey Mouse plush]

[Mayor Clayton, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Ms Merry, Santa Claus, Goofy, Pluto, along with T.K.'s family]

Nurse Kelsey: "T.K., we have a surprise for you, sweetie."

[T.K. follows Nurse Kelsey]

Yasmin/Jessie/Eliza/Corey/Duncan/Kyle/Lisa/Kim/Angie/Judy: "Surprise! Happy Birthday, T.K.!"

Sylvia: "Happy Birthday, sweetie!"

Chris: "Happy Birthday, sport."

Yasmin: "Like, make a wish, T.K.!"

[Mickey Mouse hugs T.K.]

Day 7Edit

Horse and Pony RidesEdit

[T.K. is holding his autograph book with a signed autograph by Mickey: "Happy Birthday, T.K.! Love, Mickey Mouse"]

Sylvia: "Who's ready for pony rides?"

Sea WorldEdit

Big Splash BashEdit

Coming HomeEdit

Nicole: "Although the trip was over, little T.K. still talks about the fun and magical week he and his family had at Walt Disney World. And his wish story received national attention."

[We see an NBC News reporter interviewing T.K., Chris and Sylvia on TV]

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