T.K. McCord (born March 18th, 2016) is the youngest member of the McCord Family.


T.K. has Caucasian skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. He is seen wearing a Peter Rabbit thermal one piece.


When Jo Frost first meets him, T.K. is at first shy

Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Dominic McCord (1983-)
  • Mother: Trudy McCord (née: Wise) (1986-)
  • Brother: Carlos McCord (2014-)
  • Sisters: Violet McCord (2010-), Jamie McCord (2012-), Casey McCord (2013-)
  • Aunts: Eartha McCord-Jean (1984-), Thea Miller-McCord (1981-), Katie Burkitt-McCord (1984-), Alyssa Wise-Winters (1983-)
  • Uncles: Jean (1978-), Phil McCord (1980-), Gary McCord (1982-), Edward Winters ( 1982-), Jason Wise (1979-), Tyrone Wise (1985-)
  • Cousins: David McCord, Maddi McCord, Hayden Wise, Cassie Wise, Dream Wise, Evee Wise, Lindsey McCord, Emily McCord, Chloé McCord, Makhi Wise
  • Grandmothers: Elizabeth McCord (1952-), Isela Wise (1946-)
  • Grandfathers: Ulyssus McCord (1951-), Ashon Wise (1945-)


  • His full name is Timothy Kevin McCord
  • He has a zoo animal themed nursery


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