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T.K.'s Spina Bifida diagnosis

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Nicole: "The Balkov Family had a newborn baby boy named Tyler Keith, or for short, T.K.; however, they did not realize that something was not quite right with the newborn child."

Lisa: "Mommy, the baby has a tail and there's a big sac on his back."

Yasmin: "Eww!"

[Sylvia looks at T.K.'s back and notices an external sac with cerebrospinal fluid]

[Sylvia notices that her newborn son T.K. has abnormal eye movement, pressure sores and skin irritations]

Sylvia: "Chris, there is something wrong with the baby."

[Chris comes into the room]

Chris: "What is wrong, Sylvia?"

[Sylvia shows him T.K.]

Chris: "T.K.?"

Sylvia: "He has pressure sores, his skin is irritated and his eye movement is abnormal."

Chris: "I'll call the pediatrician right away."

Visiting the PediatricianEdit

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