Jo Frost-11-25-11

In this episode, Jo heads off to Seattle to help a family in desperate need for her help. David (49) and Mary (53) have three sons and one grandchild that are quite a handful. Eldest son Yannick (24) and his partner Elyse (23) have a daughter named Skye (2) and she is well-behaved. However, it's Yannick's younger brothers Noah (15) and Alex (13) that are the cause of mayhem in the household. Noah is quite rude to his parents and has started hanging out with a group of college kids that smoke weed, while Alex refuses to do his homework and swears a lot. Can Jo keep the peace in the household or will things get worse?

Discipline techniques used: Calm Down Zone and Lose What You Like Chart.

Other techniques used: Homework Area, Thought Box and Managed Play Technique.

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