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  • Sasuke is a huge fan of Pokémon
  • Joanne's favorite snack are chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies 
  • Madeline is a huge fan of a classic Disney animated series Darkwing Duck
  • Ralf's favorite subject in school is science
  • Ricky's favorite color is yellow
  • Sasuke likes to go to amusement parks
  • Jeff's favorite superhero is Batman
  • Scott's favorite TV program is Phineas and Ferb
  • Kanga's favorite food is sushi
  • Roxy's favorite food is teriyaki chicken
  • Joanne likes to watch The Pajanimals on PBS Sprout.
  • Heath's favorite animal is koalas
  • Jeff is allergic to peanuts
  • Ralf is allergic to garlic
  • Madeline is allergic to milk
  • Joanne is allergic to shellfish
  • Scott is allergic to strawberries
  • Sasuke is allergic to wheat
  • In Christmas 2030 Sasuke, Jeff, Kanga, Roxy and Joanne each received nothing but coal in their stockings

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