Malek's Magic ShowEdit

Toshio's katana jugglingEdit

Animal TamingEdit

Meimei (Meiko, Hiro Shinozawa's wife) sings "You Are My Sunshine" to Jiao (Niko, Hiro Shinozawa's daughter) in the audienceEdit

PETA, Again of the 100th timeEdit

Ringmaster Nicole: "Get off of my property or I am turning on the hose!"

[The animals are released back into the wild]

Bridget: "Go, my animal friends, be free! Return to your families! Hurry home before your friends and families forget all about you! There is no place like home!"

Hiro: "" (Translation: Come here, please)

[The animals turn and walk towards Hiro]

Hiro: "" (Translation: I like animals too, but this Whining Snotface is not going to release you)

[The elephants begin to trample Bridget, flattening her to the shape of a pancake and making her covered in blood and lots of deep wounds]

[Bridget pops from a pancake shape to normal and realizes that her body is covered in bleeding cuts]

Bridget: "Oh no! I'm bleeding a lot!"

The show goes onEdit

Encore, Encore!Edit

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