Trikiate Family

Witherspoon Family

Supermanny Special (Hricko Family)

Wall Family

Kiejliches Family (The girls have changed since Jo's visit. Lois is no longer being aggressive to her family, and Wanda is learning to try new foods.)

Sliwinski Family

Rockcastle Family

Hyatte Family (Reggie has changed since Nanny Jo's visit; she is no longer hurting the family's horse or her sisters)

Nkere Family (Becca has changed since Nanny Jo's visit. Lyndsey has also been re-married to a chemical engineer named David Sivits, making her full name Lyndsey Nkere-Sivits.)

Orr Family

Whedbee Family

Britiana Family (Michaela has changed since Nanny Jo's visit.)

Bosley Family

Cavallaro Family (The children have changed their ways and are no longer running amok since Jo's visit. Nina has also been married to an investigative reporter named Judd McIlvain, making her full name Nina Cavallaro-McIlvain)

Rodriguez Family

Trexler Family


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