This episode is part of Season 5 of the fanon Supernanny series. Jo acquires updates from all Season 11 families. Jo interviews several parents in local areas of their children's discipline. There is no new episode of the show, as mentioned by the narrator.
Jo Frost-12-2-11

Family OrderEdit

Pintinger Family (The girls no longer shout, torture their parents, throw things or destroy property. Things have gotten a lot better for the family since Nanny Jo's visit. The Pintingers recently adopted a puppy named Baxter.)

Acoustir Family (No mischief is being made in the family.)

Mougger Family (The wild octuplets have changed since Jo's visit. They are no longer running riot or causing anymore trouble, and as for Cornelia, she is married to a pediatrician named Dr. Carl Sullivan, making her full name Cornelia Mougger-Sullivan. Kristin and Lotte are now off to college.)

Icreaker Family (No mischief of any kind is being made with the family)

Gamun Family (No mischief of any kind is getting made with the family)

Yurbam Family (Patrick has changed since Nanny Jo's visit; he is no longer terrorizes his baby sister. The Yurbam Family recently adopted a puppy named Ginger.)


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