This episode is part of season 4 of the Fanon Supernanny series. Nanny Jo is revisiting some more families which she had visited in the past season.

Family OrderEdit

Part 1

Golben Family (Things have gotten a lot better since Jo's revisit; Katelyn and Brynleigh are no longer defecating on the furniture, and Tristin is no longer peeing on the furniture. They now use the toilet whenever they need to go. John is now entering his first year in Kindergarten.)

Disrepant Family (No mischief is getting made with this family.)

Verdin Family (The boys have changed for the better since Nanny Jo's visit. Angelica recently gave birth to a baby girl named Denise three weeks ago.)

Cotten Family (No mischief is getting made with this family. Andrew, Allyson, and Logan no longer terrorize baby Elijah, and Kristin is now off to college.)

Part 2

Syndrim Family (Video gaming for the boys had improved after Nanny Jo's visit. The parents sold the violent M-Rated games the boys had owned to GameStop, but the boys were OK with that, and they asked the GameStop clerk which games would be age-appropriate for their sons, and what content they had in the game, and what the game's story line was about, and the boys were happier and calmer since. As for Uma, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl named T.J. [Tia Jasmine])

Winer Family (No mischief is getting made with the family.)

Gaccre Family (No mischief of any kind is getting made with the family. Elisabetta has recently gotten a newborn set of vigintuplets who have lived for a fortnight, making a new total of 80 children in all in this family.)

Qixxel Family (Meghann no longer terrorizes her younger siblings, her older sister, or her parents since Nanny Jo's revisit.)

Part 3

Nurin Family (The triplets, Charles and Tia and have changed since Jo's visit; they are no longer attacking Drew or throwing items and food around.)

Courtiy Family (Mort and Lisa have changed since Nanny Jo's visit. They no longer hit their mother or play in Thunderstorms. Amelia is married to a fireman named Darnell Nickerson (24), making her full name Amelia Courtiy-Nickerson)

Wring Family (Kristin, Catalina, and Lotte are now in college, and Rebecca recently graduated from High School and is now off to college. Katie still lives with her family, and is babysitting Zoey, who no longer smears poop on her older sisters or her mother.)