Supernanny Season 28 Special Update
Season 28, Episode 50
Episode guide
Elosegui Family
Slack Family
It's the final episode of Fanon Season 28 and the Nannies revisit all Season 28 families.

Rose-Nowgo****yourselffornow Family

Harris Family

Vibevoid Family

Selfishnanny Special (Iconic-Todaro Family Revisited Again)

Kodansa Family & Kodansa Family Revisited

Shiko Family

Swarming Special (Milten Family)

Lengthwoman Family Revisited

Pocoma Family

Heart Family & Heart Family Revisited

Lyrick Family

Griswold Family

Bedrich Family

Selfishnanny Special (Gentra Family) & Gratefulversion Special (Gentra Special)

Selfishnanny Special (Chell Family) & Gratefulversion Special (Chell Family)

Applebaum Family

Suckmy****ing****andeata****ingloadofhorse****-Duff Family

Quanics Family

Pringle Family

Hatti Family

Kakko Family

Jamie Family

Supermanny Special (Melville Family)

Williams Family Revisited

Jesters Family

Odjakjian Family

Ajece Family

Selfishnanny Special (Wlejnaczk Family) & Gratefulversion Special (Wlejnaczk Family)

Stubborn Support Special (Anddunkyour****ingheadstraightinthe****ingtoiletwithallthe****ing****and****ing****and****ingbleach-Johns Family) & Gratefulversion Special (SpecialAnddunkyour****ingheadstraightinthe****ingtoiletwithallthe****ing****and****ing****and****ingbleach-Johns Family)

Sampson Family

Inmy****ingopinionyouare****ingdead-Bond Family

Deutschlander Family

O'Connell Family

Burns Family

Paz Family

Thorndyke Family Revisited

Break Family Revisited

Selfishnanny Special (Venegegequanaynaya Family)

Chong Family

Hamilton Family

Spicer Family

Hattons Family Revisited

Elosegui Family

Transcripts in Theory GamesEdit

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