Jo revisits all Season 13 families. However, no new episode is being produced.

Tennyson Family (Nicholle is now married to a firefighter named Douglas Richardson, making Nicholle's full name, Nicholle Tennyson-Richardson)

Ichijouji Family

Kamiya Family

Takenouchi Family

Peterson Family

Ishida Family

Othorimer Family

Burb Family Revisited

Kido Family

Inoue Family

Quimby Family

Liko Family

Fern Family

Kirochu Family Revisited (Ji hung and Ji chang have changed after Jo's revisit, at 17-years old, Tariko gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Toshio Takeshi)

Deneuve Family

Mazar Family Revisited

Florez Family

Hoto Family

Takashi Family


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