The player must have complete all the achievements, and bought all the videos but this one. It costs $5M, and the player must invest fifteen play coins.


[Orla is rushed to the hospital after badly burning herself with a cigarette lighter]

[Orla is crying]

Orla: "I'm dying..."

[After 8-9 hours of surgery to repair her burned skin, Orla wakes up in a hospital room in a Tinkerbell hospital gown and sees a painting of a man on the cross]

Nicole: "Orla you cannot play with fire, because it is dangerous and you could get hurt..."

Orla: "Mummy...I am sorry for playing with fire... I promise I'll be good from now on and it will never happen again. I want to go home."

Nicole: "Kayla, Haidyn, and Skyla you girls can come in."

[Kayla, Haidyn, and Skyla walk into Orla's room]

Kayla: "Hi, Orla, how are you?"

Orla: "Kayla, I'm sorry for all the bad things I've ever did to you, Mummy, Haidyn, Skyla, and Jo-Jo. I'm also sorry for the bad things I did to cousin Nicholas, cousin Catherine, Aunty Lisa, and everyone else I hurt. I wish I could do something to make things right."

Kayla: "Don't worry, Orla, I forgive you because you're my twin sister."

Orla: "I also want to thank you...for saving me."

[Nicole and Jo Frost are outside the door, listening]

Skyla: "I forgive you, Orla."

Haidyn: "I forgive you too."

[Nicole and Jo walk into the room]

Orla: "Who is that man in the picture, Mummy?" (referring to the painting of a man on the cross hanged on the wall)

Nicole: "That is Jesus, the son of God."

Skyla: "Guess who we brought to keep you company, Orla?"

Nicole: (singsongly) "It's Swiper!"

[Skyla brings Orla's Swiper the Fox plush toy dressed in a hospital gown out of her backpack]

Orla: "Swiper!"

[Nicole hands Swiper the Fox plush to Orla]

[A doctor comes in with the paperwork]

Nicole: "How long will she be in, doctor?"

Doctor: "About another hour or so."

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