[Orla gets into the unattended alcoholic drinks]

Nicole: "Oh, my god...Orla..."

Orla: (slurring) "I lub.....u......Momu...." [Translates to: "I love you mommy."]

Kayla: "What happened, Mommy?"

Nicole: "Orla just got into the alcoholic drink."

Kayla: "How did that happen?"

Nicole: "Someone left their vodka and beer unattended."

Orla: (slurring) "" [ Translates to: "Mommy, go die!"]

[Orla throws up]

Nicole: "Ewww. Girls, go get me some paper towels, please."

[Haidyn, Skyla, and Kayla grab a few paper towels from a roll]

[Nicole holds the paper towels under Orla's mouth]

Orla: (slurring) "" [Translates to: "I am sick."]

[Orla barfs again and the beer emerges from her mouth right onto the paper towel]

Nicole: "Ugh, not again! I knew I should've told my guests not to leave their drinks unattended. Next year, I'm going to skip the alcoholic drinks."

Skyla: "Something's burning..."

Kayla: "What's burning?"

[Nicole attracts the smoke from a wastebasket and traces down the path of smoke to find a cigar]

Nicole: "Oh, my god...why do my party guests not listen? I specifically tell them to smoke...outside! Ugh!"

Haidyn: "Wait, we never saw the fireworks..."

[cut to: Orla is seen playing with the fireworks]

[Orla vomits and passes out]

[Nicole dials a number on the cell phone]

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