[The Birou Family wakes up bright and early]

Nicole: "Girls, today is Groundhog Day!"

Orla: "What is Groundhog Day, Mummy?"

Nicole: "Groundhog Day is when we see the groundhog come out and if he sees his shadow, there will be 6 more weeks of winter!"

Orla: "Oh."

Nicole: "So today, we're going to see a groundhog."

[The Birou family goes out in the front yard to wait for the groundhog to emerge from its hole]

Haidyn: "Any minute now......."

[The groundhog emerges from its hole]

Nicole: "Let's see if he sees his shadow."

[The family comes closer to it and examines if the groundhog has seen its shadow]

Nicole: "It's true; 6 more weeks of winter!"

[Orla runs to the house to pick up a cigarette lighter and comes back outside with it]

Orla: "Die! You evil groundhog!"

[Orla carefully sets the groundhog on fire]

[The groundhog thrashes about as an attempt to clear off the flames and squeals in pain]

Kayla: "Eek! He is on fire!"

Nicole: "I will save him!"

[Nicole gets out a fire extinguisher and puts out the fire]

Nicole: "Poor thing..."

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