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It costs $2M, and it is unlocked after beating the fifth game board with the mine carts and the rising magma. In the 3DS version, the player must invest 10 play coins.


Orla: "Wow, these fireworks are going to blow up my neighborhood!"

[Orla sets off the fireworks and the fireworks rush into the ground and explode, causing a fire]

[Nicole walks outside to investigate the fire]

Nicole: "Oh, my god..."

[Firefighters arrive on the scene, putting out the fires]

Nicole: "Where is Orla?"

Orla: "I'm over here!"

[Nicole walks straight to Orla]

Nicole: "Orla, why did you cause a fire on the roads?"

Orla: "I don't know. I want to play with them."

Nicole: "Orla, you cannot play with fireworks, because it's dangerous."

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