[Orla, Haidyn, Skyla, and Kayla are coloring Easter eggs with their cousins, Catherine, Nicholas, Melody, Bianca, and Madeleine]

Nicole: "Oh, how nice. It's nice to see everybody getting along so well and not causing any trouble."

Grandma Birou: "Oh, look. The Easter Bunny is here."

Aunty Lisa: "I'll go in and make some lemonade."

Nicole: "Sounds good."

(The girls and their cousins hold up their eggs to show them to their parents.)

Haidyn: Look Mommy! I made a pink egg with green stripes, a blue egg with a yellow flower on it, and a green egg with a pink sparkly bunny Sticker on it!

Skyla: I made an orange egg with green dots, a purple egg with chick stickers on it, and a dark pink egg with with sparkly ribbon stickers on It!

Kayla: I made a lavender egg with a lamb sticker on it, a yellow egg with green and white stripes, a peach and aqua egg, and a rainbow egg!

Orla: I made a purple and pink egg with paw print stickers, a lime green egg with purple dots, and an orange and blue swirly egg!

Nicholas: I made a blue egg with green leaf stickers, an orange and purple egg, and an aqua egg with little fish stickers.

Bianca: I made a dark pink egg, a yellow egg with sparkly jellybean stickers, and a mint green egg!

Catherine: My eggs are sky blue, lavender, yellow, and pink with orange flowers.

Melody: Green egg, orange egg, and purple egg.

Nicole: That's very lovely kids.

(Kayla suddenly cries out)

Nicole: What is it Kayla?

Kayla: Orla spilled purple dye on my dress! On purpose to!

Nicole(angrily): Orla Jasmine! That's not nice!

(Orla splashes dye on Nicholas' suit.

Nicholas: Orla! (He throws blue dye at Orla)

(Orla throws pink dye at Skyla. Soon color splash fight begins.)

Aunt Lisa: Kids! That's enough!

(The children stop their color fight and face the adults)

Nicole: Go change your clothes, and go outside for the egg hunt!

(The children obey, and go to change Their clothes except for Haidyn, Skyla, Kayla, and Orla, who do not have a change of clothes.)

Nicole: I'm very disappointed in you Orla! You better behave yourself during the egg hunt!

(The kids are out hunting for candy and toy filled eggs.)

Haidyn: This is fun!

Skyla: Sure is!

( Orla sticks out her foot tripping Catherine and Melody)

Melody and Catherine: Ow! That hurt!

Orla: Ha ha! Watch where you're going losers!

Nicole: Orla Jasmine Birou! Apologize right now!

Orla(sarcastic): SOR-ry!

(Catherine and Melody both start crying)

Nicole: You are going inside for the rest of the egg hunt!

Orla: No!

(Orla trips Kayla and Skyla making them cry out.)

(Nicole walks over to Orla, but Orla hits and kicks her.)

Nicole: Ow! You are going in timeout right now!

(Nicole picks up Orla, carries her inside and sits her on a chair in the corner.)

Nicole: STAY THERE! (She walks back outside, and Orla cries.)

(Nicole shuts the door behind her. Later the kids are in the living room looking inside their plastic eggs.

Haidyn: Look! I got jelly beans, mini hershie's bars, a bouncy ball, little erasers that look like carrots, and a little sparkly bunny!

Kayla: I got some marshmallow eggs, Cadbury mini eggs, silly bands, and egg shaped erasers!

Skyla: I got mini Milky ways, jelly bellies, a pink sparkly ball, a ring, and some erasers that look like chicks!

Nicholas: I got jelly beans, Easter whoppers, a blue bouncy ball, some Easter tattoos, and a bunny eraser!

Melody: I got MandMs, chocolate mints, a ruby ring, some sparkly stickers, and a lamb eraser!

Catherine: I got some egg shaped erasers, a glow in the dark ring, silly bands

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