[Kayla's birthday party is being held at the Birou backyard, and she is having a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse-themed party]

Nicole: "Don't worry, Kayla. I locked Orla in her room to make sure that she does not ruin the birthday party this time. If she behaves herself for the whole day, maybe, we'll do something for her."

[Kayla is dressed up like Minnie Mouse and everybody at the party is wearing mouse ears]

Guest's Parent: "So the party's only for Kayla, right? Doesn't she have a twin sister named Orla?"

Nicole: "Yes, she does."

Nicole: "I ordered the Mickey Mouse Cake and it should be here soon. In the meantime, Kayla, there are some cupcakes for you and your little friends to decorate, and you can have some Mousketeer slushies, pretty pink Minnie Floats, and Mickey Mouse-shaped snacks."

Nicole: "Okay, everybody! Time to play 'Pin the Nose on Mickey'!"

Guests: "Yay!"

Nicole: "Who's up for the piñata?"

[Nicole gets out the Mickey Mouse piñata]

Guests: "I am!"

Nicole: "Let's play musical chairs, everybody!"

Guests: "Yay!"

Nicole: "I booked the pucker powder machine, the obstacle course, the popcorn machine, the cotton candy machine, the carnival games, the face painting, the interactive playground, the petting zoo, the outdoor movie, the snow-cone machine, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I'm sure nothing will go wrong this time."

[On the table are Minnie Mouse Favor Containers filled with favors, such as beaded bracelets, kazoos, memo pads, hair clips, plastic heart bracelets, wooly balls, and maze puzzles]

[A couple of kids are having hot dogs]

Kid: "Yummy!"

Kid#2: "I like hot dogs!"

[The kids are having fun on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse combo jumper/slide, the Super Slide, the Water slide, and the carousel]

[The phone rings]

Nicole: "Hello? Yes, this is Nicole Birou. WHAT?!? Are you saying that all of the stuff that I've booked is cancelled?"

Caller: [talks gibberish]

Nicole: "I see. Oh, well. Okay, bye." (hangs up the phone)

Kayla: "What is it?"

Nicole: "Everything that I've booked have been cancelled. I'm sorry to say that Mickey and Minnie Mouse aren't coming."

Kayla: "Aww, that's too bad."

Nicole: "But at least we still have the limousine ride to take us all to Walt Disney World later on. Won't that be fun?"

Kayla: "Yeah!"

[The phone rings once more]

Nicole: "Hello? Yes, I did hire the limousine to take my daughter and her friends to Disney World. ARE YOU FOR REAL?!?!? Whatever. Bye." (hangs up the phone)

Kayla: "What is it now, Mummy?

Nicole: "The limousine won't be taking us to Disney World. Apparently, their tires got slashed by some girl named Amanda."

[Kayla starts wailing]

Nicole: "There, there. We'll think of something. We still have the Mickey Mouse cake which will be here soon and we still have carousel and the pony rides."

Kayla: "You're right, mummy. All I have to do is think about the good things, and everything will be as right as rain."

[Later on]


Nicole: "I thought I kept you inside your room so that you wouldn't wreck Kayla's party like you did Haidyn and Skyla's. I'd like to know why the things I booked were cancelled. Do you know anything about your little friend Amanda slashing the tires of the limousine which I hired to take your sister and her friends to Disney World?"

Orla: "Of course not, dear Mummy."

Nicole: "You promise?"

Orla: "I promise."

[Nicole goes back to the party]

Orla: (to herself, watching from her bedroom window) "Sucker!"

Nicole: "I also ordered Mickey and Minnie Mouse cookies, and they should arrive any minute."

[20 minutes later, Nicole arrives to get the Mickey and Minnie Mouse cookies, only to find Wendy and Lisa eating them all]

[Later On]

Nicole: "Orla, I went to pick up the Mickey and Minnie Mouse cookies, and your little friends Wendy and Lisa were eating them all. Do you know anything about this?"

Orla: "No, Mummy."

Nicole: "Are you sure? You promise you're telling the truth?"

Orla: "Yes, Mummy."

Nicole: "All right. I'll see you later. You be good, okay?"

[Nicole returns to the party]

[Nicole goes over to the slushy machine and helps herself to mango]

Nicole: (to herself) "Maybe Orla's innocent this time..."

Kayla: "What's up, Mummy?"

Nicole: "Oh, nothing. Unfortunanetly, I don't have the cookies. I'm sorry."

Kayla: "Why?"

Nicole: "When I went to go pick them up, Orla's friends Wendy and Lisa were eating them all, but Orla doesn't know anything about this."

[Kayla sighs]

Kayla: "Oh, well...but at least we'll still have fun, right?"

Nicole: "Yes. Why don't you and your sisters go help yourself to the chocolate fondue? You get to dip any kind of fruits that you like."

Nicole: "I also booked the trackless train."

[An hour later, the trackless train STILL hasn't arrived]

Nicole: "I wonder what's taking the trackless train so long?"

Nicole: "Oh well, at least I still have the kiddie ferris wheel I booked, and the rock climbing wall, the magician, the teddy bear stuffer, the juggler, the Li'l Swing Ride."

[10 minutes later, the trackless train finally arrives]

Man: "Please forgive me for being late, ma'am."

Nicole: "Hey, forget it. You're here and that's what matters."

Man: "To make it up to you, I'll throw in a discount so your next trackless train rental is half-off."

Nicole: "Thank you so much, sir. Better late than never, huh?"

Guest: "Happy Birthday, Kayla!"

[She brings a bouquet of balloons and a present to Kayla]

[Amanda calls a steamroller owner to wreck the party via her mother's cell phone, and asks him to flatten all of Kayla's presents and all of the things Nicole booked with his steamroller]

Nicole: [noticing the steamroller coming] "What?!? This is starting to go wrong!"

Kayla: "Move out of the way!"

[The guests at the celebration start to scream when the steamroller destroys the face painting booth by running it over]

Guests: "Watch out!"

[All of the guests, Nicole, and Kayla run away from the steamroller]

[The steamroller operated by its owner continues to crush everything it contacts]

Kayla: "My presents!"

[The steamroller eventually runs out of gas and stops dead in its tracks before it can run over the table with presents]

Kayla: "Oh, thank goodness."

Nicole: "Is everybody okay?"

Guests: "Yeah. We are OK."

[Nicole investigates that only the face painting booth and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse combo jumper/slide has been destroyed by the steamroller]

Nicole: "There isn't much damage here, guys. Only the jumper and the face painting area were destroyed. We can continue the party!"

[Lisa places lit sparklers into the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake]

Nicole: "OK, everyone! Gather around the table and let's sing happy birthday to Kayla!"

Nicole and the Guests: (singing) "Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Kayla. Happy birthday to you!"

[Kayla quickly blows out the candles and then Nicole and everyone else cheer for her]

Nicole: "Let's eat-"

[The cake explodes all of a sudden]

Kayla: "Oh, no! My cake!" (sobs)

Nicole: "Don't worry, Kayla. We still have a few of your presents to open!"

Guest: "There's no crying over spilled milk. My husband works at a birthday party service, so I booked another Mickey Mouse Clubhouse combo slide/jumper, and it'll be here."

Guest#2: "And my husband works at the local bakery, so I ordered a new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake, with Kayla's favorite kind of frosting. Does that sound good?"

Nicole: "Oh, thank you. In the meantime, Kayla, why don't you go ahead and open up your presents?"

Kayla: "Okay."

[Kayla opens up one present to reveal a new Barbie Doll]

[Kayla opens up the next present to reveal Rainbow in My Room]

[Kayla opens up the next one to reveal a Dora the Explorer plush doll]

[Wendy tips over the pucker powder machine]

Nicole: "Wendy, no! Don't do that! If you keep that up, then you will be going home!"

[Lisa sets the obstacle course on fire with a dangerous match]

[Amanda tips over the popcorn machine, causing all of the popcorn to spill]

[Lisa knocks over the cotton candy machine and spills all of the cotton candy on the floor]

[Wendy sets the carnival games on fire with a dangerous match]

[Amanda sets the interactive playground on fire with a cigarette lighter]

[Wendy breaks the petting zoo's fences, causing all of the animals to run free]

[Amanda smashes the outdoor movie screen and the tape with her fist]

[Wendy knocks over the snow cone machine]

[Lisa and Amanda set Mickey and Minnie Mouse on fire respectively with cigarette lighters]

[Nicole dials 911 on her iPhone]

911 Dispatcher: "Hello?"

Nicole: "I need a firetruck and an ambulance. Two characters who arrived at my daughter's party were set on fire."

911 Dispatcher: "Anything else I can do for you?"

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