To achieve this, the player must win 50 games and this costs $2.5M. In the 3DS version, the player must also invest 15 play coins.


[The Birous enter an airplane]

Nicole: "Are you ready, girls?"

Haidyn, Skyla, Kayla, and Orla: "YEAH!"

[Each family member selects their own seat to take]

Nicole: "Okay, girls. Find a seat."

Haidyn: "I'm sitting next to mommy!"

Skyla: "I'm sitting next to Kayla."

Kayla: "I'm sitting next to Orla. She has a window seat!"

[Orla smacks Kayla in the face causing her to wail]

Nicole: "Orla, we do not smack anybody in the face! That is not nice."

[Cut to the plane taking off]

Haidyn, Skyla, and Kayla: "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

[Everyone except Orla claps for the plane taking off]

[Once the plane is high in the air, Orla undoes her seatbelt and escapes from her seat and runs to the emergency exit door]

Flight Attendant: [blocking Orla's way] "Excuse me ma'am, you need to sit back down in your seat and stay there at all times."

Orla: "NO!" [pushes the flight attendant across the aisle and opens the emergency exit door]

[Nicole rapidly rushes to where Orla is]

Orla: "I'm gonna jump off...."

Nicole: [grabbing Orla] "Don't you dare!"

[Nicole closes the emergency exit door]

Nicole: "Orla, if you had jumped off the plane, then you wouldn't be able to come with us and you could get seriously injured. Come back to your seat."

Orla: "NO!"

Nicole: "Yes, you do."

[Orla pushes Nicole out of the way and pees on the plane's aisle]

Nicole: "Oh, my god. Orla."

[Orla pushes a flight attendant with a snack cart and rides on it by pushing then climbing on it]

Flight Attendant 2: "Please do not push anyone and leave the snack cart alone!"

[Nicole runs to the snack cart and stops it]

[Orla hits Nicole, jumps off the snack cart and is about to reopen the emergency exit door]

Nicole: "If you open this door, I will sell all of your Dora the Explorer DVDs on eBay I packed for you."

[Nicole carries Orla back to her seat and fastens her seatbelt]

Orla: "Hmmph!"

[Orla slaps Kayla in the face]

Nicole: "Orla, that is enough!"

Orla: "Kayla's hogging Swiper's seat!"

[The Birou Family is taking a stroll down a beach in Fort Lauderdale, FL]

Skyla: "I can't wait to go swimming!"

Haidyn: "Me too!"

Kayla: "Me three! What about you, Orla?"

Orla: "I'm doing that, too."

Nicole: "Have fun and play fair, all of you!"

Haidyn: "We will, mommy!"

[Nicole's daughters are swimming in the ocean until Orla dunks Kayla underwater]

Nicole: "Orla, you don't dunk your sister. That is not nice."

[Orla dashes out of the ocean and tosses sand into Nicole's face]

Nicole: "No throwing sand at mommy's face!"

[Nicole lets her daughters take a slow ride on the ocean using their own Dora the Explorer swim ring]

[Orla splashes water at her sisters and pushes Haidyn off the swim ring]

Nicole: "Orla, please don't do that! Haidyn could drown."

Orla: "(Bleep) off, mommy!"

Nicole: "We don't say words like that. That is not nice."

[Orla tosses Kayla a few inches high off the swim ring and Kayla splashes into the ocean]

Nicole: "Orla Jasmine Birou!"

Orla: "What is it?"

Nicole: "Don't toss your sister into the ocean. She could get hurt!"

Orla: "Ohhh, man!"

[Back at the shore, Nicole's daughters create sandcastles with shovels and buckets]

Nicole: "You girls made wonderful castles!"

[Orla runs across the sand, stops and destroys her sisters' creations by kicking them]

Nicole: "Oh no! What happened to your castles?"

Skyla: (cries) "Our castles are broken!"

Nicole: "Orla, did you do this?"

Orla: "No, I didn't...a wave washed them away."

Nicole: "Orla, are you serious?"

Orla: "Uh-huh."

Nicole: "Is she lying?"

Haidyn: "Yeah, she destroyed them!"

Nicole: "Then Orla is going in timeout on right here on this spot and she will think about what she did."

[Orla throws sand in Haidyn's eyes and pushes her into the waves]

Haidyn: "AHHHHH! MOMMY!"

Nicole: "What happened?"

Haidyn: "Orla threw sand at me and pushed me into the waves!"

Nicole: "Orla, that wasn't very nice."

[Nicole places Orla into a timeout]

Nicole: "Now stay here and think about what you've done."

[Orla throws sand at Nicole]

Nicole: "Orla, either you stop it or I will change your time to 6 minutes."

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