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Priest: "My friends, we are all gathered here today to bid farewell to Ernest Martin Birou...Ernest Birou taught us that a man..."

[Orla takes a dump on the casket]

Nicole: "Orla!"

[Orla dances around the cemetery naked]

Nicole: "ORLA JASMINE BIROU! Put your clothes back on or you will not watch TV for the rest of the week!"

Aunty Carol: "MY LORD!!!!"

[Aunty Carol faints into Grandmother Birou's arms]

Nicole: "Orla, come here!"

[Orla then pees on Aunty Lisa's best dress]

Aunty Lisa: "Oh, my Lord!"


Orla: "Go kill yourself, (bleep)!"

Grandmother Birou: "My word!"

Nicole: "Don't make me wash your dirty mouth out with soap, missy!"

Orla: "You're poo-poo!"

[When they get home, Nicole drags Orla straight onto the Naughty Pit]

Nicole: "Orla Jasmine Birou, I have never been so embarrassed in my life! Your behavior at the funeral was very disruptive, embarrassing and appalling! I am never taking you to another funeral, ever! You are staying in that pit until I come get you."

Orla: "Drop dead!"

[Nicole ignores that comment and walks away]

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