Same thing as how you unlocked Orla at the Hospital. It costs $5M. The player must invest five play coins.


[About a couple of days after Orla's release from the hospital for her burn]

Orla: "Kayla, I want to thank you...for saving my life."

Kayla: "You're my twin sister, Orla. We sisters must look out for each other, right?"

Skyla: "It's true. As sisters, it's our job to look out for each other. We're also best friends, too."

Haidyn: "Sisters are friends forever."

[The four sisters hug]

[At Dinnertime]

Nicole: "Orla, have you tried the avocadoes?"

Orla: "Yes, mummy..."

Nicole: "How was it?"

Orla: "Delicious! I love avocadoes!"

Nicole: "And you tried the vegetables, too?"

Orla: "Yes, I did, and they were yummy."

Nicole: "Now, would you like to try some fruit?"

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