Challenge Level 41Edit

Joshua: "Jose, I'm about to battle someone the next four different challenge levels they completed."

June: "Be very careful. Just don't take drugs."

Joshua: "What! Didn't [username of Mii] give you the memo?"

June: "Memo? What's a memo?"

Joshua: "What! It's just a little message, and this is [username of Mii] to you there!"

Challenge Level 42Edit

Joshua: "What! Didn't I give mini-[username of Mii]-munchkin man millions of memos?"

June: "Why don't you make friends in your room, and can we please stop talking about memos?"

Joshua: "In three levels, psych. (laughs)"

Challenge Level 43Edit

June: "Please stop talking like that, Joshua. Otherwise I'll send you to the reflection room."

Joshua: "You never accuse me this way!"

June: "OK. Move over to the room. I will count to 20 and march directly to the room. One... two... (continues)"

Joshua: "Don't count to 20, my opponent doesn't belong in this silly room."

June: "This back-talk and attitude will immediately take you to the room and I will limit the counting to five."

Joshua: "How dare you! You are all 3 a grape from the grapevine, and passion fruit eaten by the next boss, and a (bleep) idiot!"

June: "Five." (Moves Joshua to the Reflection Room)

Joshua: "Swear to God, you put me down right now, or you're gonna see more kung fu voodoo."

Challenge Level 44Edit

[Mii]: "See how easy it is? Real piece of cake."

Joshua: "Cake? More like rhubarb pie! (chuckles)"

[Mii]: "Oh, great. It's Apefruit. What do you want?"

Joshua: "What? It's a free Mii. I can hang out if I want to."

[Mii]: "Oh, I've got to get out of here."

Joshua: "Ohh, shut your pie-hole, rhubarb. (chuckles)"

Edward:" Joshua, stop!"

Joshua: "Why don't you stop being such a baby-baby Edward? (chuckles)"

Challenge Level 45Edit

Joshua: "Save it, [gender of mii]. I ain't here for you."

[Mii]: "Yeah, whatever."

Joshua: "Ohh, I'm gonna go homestyle on you, [username of Mii]."

After winningEdit

Joshua: "You are a (bleep) jerk. I don't even have the guts to be in here anyway."

[Mii]: "I am not a jerk. It's not nice."

Joshua: "Ha Ha, onion dip! I will get my revenge soon 'cause you won!"

After losingEdit

Joshua: "Yo [username of Mii], guess what? I win and you lose! (laughs)"

[Mii]: "Well that's rude."

Joshua: "Hey. Zip the lip, onion dip."

[Mii]: "I'm not an onion."

Joshua: "You're right. You're a grape from the grapevine."

[Mii]: "No I'm not."

Joshua: "Then why are you so full of wine? Not blood, wine? (laughs) Ohh!"

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