Supernanny Monopoly: Electronic Banking will air in a to-be-announced date. All cost is multiplied by 10,000 each (e.g. one collects $2,500,000 for passing GO instead of $250). The game released in North America on December 10, 2011 and peaked at number 25 on GameFlame's chart.

There are six royale cards, Four double cards, and Three triple cards. For example, the royale cards would newly contain $18,000,000 instead of $1800.



When a player reaches Challenge Level 5 and so on by adding the repeated number, the player will encounter a family member on one of the families in certain episodes (except VISOR). The player must defeat him/her. This list displays the bosses with the challenge level they are encountered in, their name, their DOB (Date of Birth), and the Monopoly Boss credit card number.

Challenge Level Name Family DOB Credit Card Number Information
5/55 0005-1935-2005-2012
10/60 VISOR Actually a bomberman. TBA 0010-1935-2005-2012
15/65 Melissa Truel Family 08/18/1991 0015-1935-2005-2012 Melissa Truel is 20 years old and she plays the Wii U and then the sets of twins and triplets, Seth and Aiden, Trevor, Myca, and Ari, Sean, Samantha, John, and Cameron and Adrian, make fun of her, spit at her things, and act odd around the clock. She and the parents are attracted to the disgust when the sets of twins and triplets pee on the Furniture.
20/70 0020-1935-2005-2012
25/75 0025-1935-2005-2012
30/80 0030-1935-2005-2012
35/85 0035-1935-2005-2012
40/90 0040-1935-2005-2012
45/95 Joshua Juritin Family 01/01/1999 0045-1935-2005-2012 Joshua from the Juritin Family is portrayed by Robert Jennings who portrays Grapefruit, and various Annoying Orange characters on Youtube. He does dangerous feats and recently took drugs with an effect of being ill several weeks ago. His back-talk is unacceptable and he insults people by calling them fruits. He dislikes staying in the Reflection Room so he does more insult and pees on the rug.
50/100 Nicole Birou Family 06/24/1991 0050-1935-2005-2012 Nicole from the Birou Family is an expert gamer and owns modern video game consoles and a Nintendo WFC Company while her four daughters are at school. Her daughter Orla does hopscotch in the street and all other stuff. Nicole stopped having sexual activity 27 months ago and she also likes to eat Passion Fruits.



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