Nicole is Kidnapped

Orla: "Mummy! I am going to catch you!"

Nicole: "Orla, you may not do that."

Orla: "Oh, yes I will, Mummy! With you out of the way, the world will be mine to control!"

[Orla draws a picture of someone resembling Nicole being killed by a steamroller. The picture becomes animated and grows tentacles. It then pulls a lever and a cage from her lair automatically collapses on Nicole from the ceiling on a rope upon activating]

Nicole: "I need to get out of here."

[Orla locks the cage with a key]

Orla: "Caught you! The lair is mine!" [laughs like a villain] "My minions will defeat those stupid kids! Soon the whole world will be all mine!"

Nicole: "Orla, you will not get away with this."

Orla: "I will! I shall shut you up with sturdy duct tape!"

[Orla puts her hand between the cage bars and applies duct tupe all over Nicole's mouth]

[The cage hands cover the duct tape]

Nicole: "Hmmph! Hmmph! Hmmph!" [translates to "Help! Help! Help!"]

[Nicole dials a number]

SFNW Founder: (talks gibberish) [translates to "Hello?"]

Nicole: [Speaking through her phone that is also caught in the cage with duct tape around her mouth] "Hmmph! Hmmmph Hmph Hmph Hmph Hmph Hmph Hmph Hmph Hmph! Hmph Hpmh Hmph Hpmh!" [Translates to "I need your help. Orla has kidnapped me and her minions are being summoned and considers that her lair is hers. Please come to me as soon as possible. Thank you."]

[A mysterious power noticed a 10-foot mannequin that is shaped like Plankton. It becomes a 10-foot atomic-powered plankton. The atomic-powered plankton teleports to the SNFW headquarters and then walks over to Sophie, an anthropomorphic otter who is on the computer]

Cut to:

Plankton: "Sophie, Nicole's kidnapped once again."

Sophie the Otter: "OK. I will go get Alvinluvr30 shortly."

Cut to:

[Sophie switches off her computer and taps on Catherine's shoulder]

Sophie the Otter: "Wake up, Catherine. Nicole is kidnapped by Orla. She recently joined forces with Joshua, Lester, Leslie, Sharpay, and everyone else that also decided to join forces, including her minions. Plankton and I are going to join you."

Catherine the Spellcaster: [Yawns then immediately wakes up surprised] "Oh, no! We got to act fast!"

[Catherine stands up from her couch that she has been sleeping in]

Cut to:

[The three are all at Barney's Training Organization]

Plankton: "Alright! Now we need to save her, but we need to learn how to save her!"

The Tutorial

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Bad news! Nicole has been caught by Orla and her minions are summoned! We don't know how to save her."

Barney: "OMG! Don't panic. I will help you get started on how to save her."

Sophie the Otter: "OK. Show us how!"


Sophie The Otter: "Where are we?"

Catherine The Spellcaster: "It is fiery here"

Plankton: "You are in the murky depths of hell"


Plankton: "We do!"

[A flock of Demon Birds appear to attack the heroes]

Anna Kirochu

[Sophie sees a dark-haired Russian girl wearing a plaid skirt and a Monster High T-shirt]

Sophie The Otter: "Who are you? A spoiled princess?"

Anna: "I'm Anna Kirochu and Orla Birou sent me here to kill you!"

Plankton: "I'll get this brat!"

???: "Save me! Save me, this Russian female kidnapped me!"

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Who are you?"

???: "I am Kayla."

[Anna sends a powerful blast against Catherine, sending her towards the wall]

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Ugh!"

Anna: "That foolish Spellcaster! HA HA HA HA HA! Now where were we? Oh yes,"

[Anna attacks Plankton]

Anna: "I am going to kill you...tear off your head and use it as my decoration!"

???: "Not a chance!"

[Plankton turns around to see a Japanese girl about the age of 10 with 700 Pokemon plushies]

Plankton: "Who are you?"

Tariko: "I am Tariko. I can help you defeat Anna."

Plankton: "Thank you."

Tariko: "どういたしまして (Translation: You're welcome)

Rescuing Kayla Birou

Plankton: "Hey, are you okay?"

Kayla: "I am now. Thank you for rescuing me."

If Kayla Birou dies from her head getting chopped off by The Flying Monster High Dolls


Catherine The Spellcaster: "I'm so sorry, Nicole. But we failed to save your daughter."

[Sophie the Otter and Catherine the Spellcaster return to the headquarters noticing that Joseph Capozza left, with violin playing]

Sophie the Otter: [Calls Nicole on her phone] "Nicole?"

Nicole: "Yes?"

Sophie The Otter: "We got some good news and the bad news. The good news is that we defeated Anna."

Nicole: "That's wonderful!"

Sophie The Otter: "But the bad news is that Kayla died after she was decapitated by Anna's flying Monster High dolls and her Evil Peppa Pig."

Nicole: [tears fall out of her eyes] [Translates to: "Nooooooooooooooo! KAYLA!"]

[The screen fades to black]

Annoncer: "GAME OVER!"

[The words "GAME OVER" appear in white in a Supernanny font]

[The words "TRY AGAIN RESCUING KAYLA?" "YES" and "NO" appear in yellow below "GAME OVER"]

If the player Chooses Yes

Sophie The Otter: "We will try to save Kayla, and that's a promise!"

Catherine The Spellcaster: "Yes we will, and a promise is a promise, no matter what! Kayla, we're coming for you!"

[Catherine operates the hypno-clock]

[Time gets reversed back to the time limit before the death of Kayla]

If the player chooses No

[Sophie places a Dora plush next to Kayla's tombstone]

Sophie The Otter: "Rest in peace, sweet Kayla."

Catherine The Spellcaster: [Prays to God] "Please look after our little angel. Please!"

[A picture of Kayla with angel wings and a golden halo appears in the sky]

Annoncer: "GAME OVER!"

[A hypno-clock appears below the words "GAME OVER"]

Attack of the Flying Swiper

Orla (watching from her lair like a hawk): "Those fools have managed to rescue my goody-goody twin and get past the fields! Bah, they were so lucky! Look, and they have that magic crystal!"

[Orla turns to a masked fox with wings]

Orla: "Swiper!"

Flying Swiper: "Yes, your evilness?"

Orla: "Go, and swipe that magic crystal from them!"

[Plankton and the others come across a Spooky Forest]

Sophie the Otter: "Do you hear something, you guys?"

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Yeah,"

Plankton: "What is happening?"

[They see Flying Swiper in the sky]

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Look out! The Flying Swiper is approaching."

Sophie the Otter: "We must defeat him, otherwise he will engage us in a theft for the key we have!"

[Catherine shoots a blast of magic at Flying Swiper from her palms]

Plankton: [talking on his walkie talkie] "Barney, we just encountered a Flying Swiper who is trying to swipe the key!"

Barney: [answering]"OK. Go defeat him!"

Catherine the Spellcaster (thumbing through her spellbook): "Here it is! To subdue the Flying Swiper, chant the phrase three times: 'Flying Swiper, no swiping.'"

[Flying Swiper is about to steal the key item from Sophie]

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Flying Swiper, no swiping, Flying Swiper no swiping, Flying Swiper, no swiping!"

[Flying Swiper stops dead in his tracks in mid-air]

Flying Swiper: "Ohhh, man!"

[Sophie the Otter does a high jump kick and knocks the Flying Swiper out of the sky]

Sophie the Otter: "Alright!"

Orla (watching from her magic crystal ball): "NOOOOO!!!!!!"

Plankton: "Awesome! It looks like we have to take a rest to regain more energy, though."

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Let's sleep the night away."

Sophie the Otter: [pulls out her hot pink footed pajamas from behind her back] "Got my 'jammies!"

[Sophie the Otter puts on her pajamas and buttons it up]

Plankton: "Good night, ladies!"

Catherine the Spellcaster and Sophie the Otter: "Good night!"

[The three begin to sleep throughout the night and the screen turns black]

[The screen brightens up again as the sun slowly rises high above the Spooky Forest as beautiful morning music plays]

Plankton: "Wake up! We regained energy"

[Catherine and Sophie wake up simultaneously]

Sophie the Otter: "We have to fight more enemies and then beat Joshua and Orla!"

[Sophie the Otter switches back to her normal self by quickly taking off her pajamas and putting her shoes on]

Sophie the Otter: "What are we waiting for? Let's go!"


[The heroes enter a city and it is raining at that moment]

Sophie the Otter: "See anything, guys?"

Plankton: "No...everything seems a bit quiet, too quiet...Not even the rain will be able to make it louder......."

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Let's go inside a casino. I can hear tons of havoc happening in here!"

Inside the Casino

[The heroes enter a casino containing broken slot machines, a tornado of poker cards moving around rapidly, and enemies that are actually evil dice, with some flipping over the "We are open! Come in!" to "Sorry, we are closed!" and others messing around with the equipment at the casino ]

Plankton: "Man, it looks like a bunch of Randice is attacking the workers of the casino!"

Casino Worker #1: "Help! I'm attacked by a bunch of evil dice!"

Casino Worker #2: "Won't somebody stop them?!"

Sophie the Otter: "We are stopping them!"

Casino Worker #1: "You are?! Thanks!"

Catherine the Spellcaster: "We are exterminating the Randice everywhere!"

In the City Streets

[The heroes are wandering down the street]


Catherine the Spellcaster: "Oh, no! We need to defeat you."

Inside the Cinema

[The heroes enter a cinema]

Plankton: "Girls, we're at the movies."

[The heroes glance at anthropomorphic popcorn containers throwing popcorn contained in their heads at the guests who are visiting the theater as well as the vendors]

Sophie the Otter: "Ack! I can't believe it. The Poppycorn army is attacking everyone at the theater."

[The heroes sneak inside an area where Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted is playing with Poppycorns attacking the attendants and ushers by tossing popcorn and drinks at them]

Plankton: "Sure enough, we don't think that these guests are enjoying their time here. Let's save them from harm."

Sophie and Catherine: "You betcha!"

Christine Moranis

???: "Halt!"

Plankton: "Wait, what is going on here?"

[A brown-haired girl mysteriously jumps into the movie screen via dimensional teleportation, where a clip of Marty from Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted is doing his infamous Circus Afro dance is playing. Christine interrupts his dance by pushing him off and mimics the dance]

Catherine the Spellcaster: "That girl came into the screen! I don't know how she got in there. Let's jump into the screen!"

[The trio follows Christine directly into the movie screen]


[The heroes are now at a small island leading to a mysterious jungle]

Plankton: "Let's keep our sun shades on because the sun is still blinding us."

[Catherine looks at a crab for a while and it pinches her nose]

Catherine: "Ow, Ow, Ow!!! I need to remove it!"

[Catherine's spellbook appears by magic]

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Seed of dandelion, grass blade from the lawn, pesky crab, be gone!"

Lester Simpson

???: "Prepare to meet thy doom, heroes!"

Catherine: "Who are you?"

Saving Planktonine

Snowy Plains

[The heroes leave the bottom of the mountain]

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Hey, I can feel a cold wind blowing!"

Sophie the Otter: "Me too!"

[Heavy snow falls down from the sky lightly and the wind becomes gradually faster]

[Sophie the Otter is about to be blown away by the wind slipping through her feet]

Sophie the Otter: "Guys. could you please help me, cuz I'm blowing away."

[Plankton holds Sophie's paw tightly]

Sophie the Otter: "Thank you, Plankton!"

Plankton: "What are we waiting for? Let's go!"

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Yeah!"

Imogen Panizza

???: "Welcome, I've been expecting you heroes."

Plankton: "Who are you?"

???: "Imogen Panizza! Now, prepare to be executed!"


[The heroes are at a desert]

Sophie the Otter: "Boy, the sun is blinding me like a bat!"

Catherine the Spellcaster: "I will make some magic sunglasses and one sunglass visor with MAGIC CRYSTAL POWER!"

[Catherine uses her magic crystal to create magic sunglasses for her and Sophie and one sunglass visor for Plankton and the trio puts their own on their face]

Sophie the Otter: "COOL!"

Plankton: "Sophie, Catherine, stop fooling around and let's get going!'

[The trio see Deadly Scorpions rise out of the ground]

Adrian Megnet

???: "Halt, who goes there?"

Plankton: "Us! We shall have a battle!"

Adrian: "Really? Bring it on or I will hewn you into pieces!"

[The heroes and Adrian quickly catch up on a passing steam train to have a battle]


Sophie the Otter: "Looks like a long way to climb."

Catherine the Spellcaster: "My flight abilities will be the ticket to get to the top very quickly."

Plankton: "That's a great idea, Catherine."


[Catherine activates her magic crystal, transforming her into a giant golden eagle.]

Catherine the Spellcater: "Climb on my back, everyone."

[Plankton and Sophie climb on Catherine's back and she flies them to the top of the mountain]

[Catherine roosts near the peak, Plankton and Sophie hop off, and Catherine returns to normal]

Plankton: "We are so high up!"

Leslie Baker

[Plankton and the others have made it past the Spooky Forest]

Plankton: "Now, where do we need to go next?"

Sophie the Otter: "According to the map here, we're now at Heavy Metal Mountain."

???: "That's right!"

[Plankton and the gang look up to see a blonde-haired girl]

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Who are you?"

???: "The name's Leslie. Orla has sent me to make sure you fools don't interfere with her plans of ruling the world - even by all means necessary!"

[Leslie takes out a crossbow and arrow]

Sophie the Otter: "Retreat!"

Plankton: "Hold on! We didn't come all this way to quit! We will fight until the end!"

Sophie the Otter: "OK. I thought I was going back to hide in a bush."

Plankton: "Absolutely not! Please, pay attention to our enemy! You can't quit! So, no."

Leslie: "So, is it a challenge you seek?"

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Yes!"

Sophie the Otter: "FIGHT ON!"

Leslie: "Who will oppose me first?"

Plankton: "Me!"

[Leslie brandishes her larger crossbow/arrow]

Leslie: "Then let's bring it on!"

Leslie VS the ten-foot atomic-powered plankton

[Leslie shoots arrows at Plankton, but Plankton rolls out of the way]

Leslie: "Stand still, fool!"

Plankton: "I am the 10-foot atomic-powered plankton!"

[Leslie launches shoots her fire arrows at Plankton]

Leslie: "Prepare to die!"

Game Over Screen

[The team is tied up in a rope hanging from Orla's Lair's ceiling]

Sophie the Otter: "We have failed to defeat Orla and her gnarly crew!" [cries]

Catherine the Spellcaster: "I want to go back to the headquarters-"

Sophie the Otter: [clears all of her tears] "Unfortunately, we are all tied up. There is nothing we can do about it but just sit here until we are killed by Orla."

Plankton: "Too bad! Orla didn't learn her lesson. We are-"


[The words "GAME OVER" appear in a bold red in a Supernanny font]

Orla: "Ha! Ha! Ha! I got those little idiots!"

[Nicole peels the tape off her mouth]

[The words "CONTINUE?", "YES", and "NO" appear in bold yellow below the words "GAME OVER" in that Supernanny font]

Nicole: "Well, choose yes or no. Which one will it be?"

The player selects Yes

Nicole: "Right! Blades!"

(The three blades rescue the team)

Sophie, Catherine, and Plankton: "We're free!"

Orla: "Shut you up with some sturdy duct tape!"

The player selects No


Plankton, Sophie the Otter, and Catherine the Spellcaster: "NO!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE DOOMED!"

[A steamroller crushes the team to death]

[Cut to the gravestones under a dark, stormy sky with a wolf howl in the background]

Announcer: "GAME OVER."


[The heroes are at a calm grassland with birds chirping in the background and butterflies are everywhere]

Plankton: "Now, we are here for the calm journey."

Sophie the Otter: "Let's go! We must defeat our enemies."

Lauren Tinithan

[Plankton, Sophie, and Catherine come across the fields]

[An arrow zips right at them]

???: "That's far enough, fools! Prepare to meet thy doom!"

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Who are you?"

Lauren: "Thy name is Lauren. If you want to get Skyla, JUST BATTLE WITH ME!"

The Heroes Rescue Skyla

[Catherine grabs a key and unlocks the cage containing Skyla and Skyla jumps out]

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Are you alright?"

Skyla: "I am OK! Thank you for saving me!"


[Volcano erupts]

Sophie the Otter: "Oh no! The volcano is active! We must take extreme caution!"

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Look, an opening! Let's go inside the volcano by going through the opening!"

[The trio does a "ready-to-run" pose and dash off into the opening quickly]

Sharpay Finster

???: "Stop! Who dares set foot in my royal chambers?!"

Plankton: "We are. Who are you?!"


Catherine the Spellcaster: "So this is Heaven, huh? I've always wondered what it was like..."

Plankton: "Hmmmm.....I wonder if we can see God or something."

Sophie the Otter: "Can we see him if we fail to defeat the boss?"

Plankton: "No! That means keep fighting, not stopping!"

Catherine the Spellcaster: "This village higher than Mt. Everest feels like I have a fear of heights!"

Sophie the Otter: "What? Do you have a fear of heights? If so, get over it!"

Alexandra Jenkins

???: "So, you must be the heroes Orla sent me to exterminate."

Sophie the Otter: "Who are you?"

???: "Alexandra Jenkins! By the way, this is as far as you go!"

[Alexandra shoots a pink fireball at Sophie the Otter]

Alexandra: "If you want to save Haidyn, you'll have to beat me at my own game!"

The Battle

[Catherine transforms into a giant golden eagle and charges at Alexandra]

Saving Haidyn

[Sophie the Otter smashes the cage with a mighty tail whip to rescue Haidyn]

Sophie the Otter: "Are you OK?"

Haidyn: "Yes! Thank you very much!"

[Haidyn kisses Sophie in the cheek]

Haunted House

[Plankton and the gang come across a Haunted House on a spooky hill]

Sophie the Otter: "Gee. I have never been to a house like this before. It is so antique."

Plankton: "Let's go in!"

[The team enters the Haunted House and they are in a room which is the living room, filled with rusty, old couches, an ancient TV with rabbit ears, a coffee table, a chandelier hanging from a high ceiling, pictures of the family members that used to live in it, and a fireplace]

[Sophie the Otter picks up a book about the house itself]

Sophie the Otter: "It says here that an extended family resided in there and held a family reunion in the living room approximately 90 years ago when they first moved in. They died 30 years later in 1952 when a murderer decided to kill the entire residents in there. It is now infested with ghosts and other creatures."

Catherine the Spellcaster: "I see."

[Catherine picks up a family photo album of the extended family who got killed]

Sam Thorne

???: "STOP!! That's as far as you will go! Prepare to die!"

Sophie the Otter: "I beg your pardon, young man?"


Plankton: "I am the ten-foot atomic-powered plankton!"

Sam: "Don't care!"

Sam kidnaps Mike

[Catherine finds a gorgeous gentleman locked in a cage bound and gagged]

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Oh, don't worry. I'll get you out..."

[Sam blows bubble gum at Catherine and it causes her to get stuck]

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Oh, no! I'm stuck!"

[Catherine tries to reach for her Magic Crystal]

Catherine the Spellcaster: "If...only I...could...reach my...Magic Crystal..."

[Sam starts tickling the bound and gagged Mike]

Sam: "Hold still!"

Spooky Forest

[The heroes enter a spooky forest]

Plankton: "It is so dark!"

[Catherine opens up her spellbook and turns to the desired page]

Catherine the Spellcaster: "With a glow from a star, ever so bright. Make a giant orb of light."

[An orb of light appears]

Sophie the Otter: "Wow, how did you do that?"

Catherine the Spellcaster: "I used a spell!"

Plankton: "Really? That is amazing!"

Joshua Jurtin

???: "Halt! Who goes there?"

???: "You grapefruits shall not pass!"

Plankton: "I can't believe it! Who the heck are you?!"

Joshua: "The name is Joshua! Now zip your lips, you onion dips!"

Plankton: "Hey, that is not nice!'

[Joshua gives Plankton a sticky note]

Plankton: [reading the note] "Plankton, Sophie, Catherine, I wrote this message to let Joshua join Orla's team and defeat you guys! LOL!" [Which actually reads: "pLanktin Sofee Kafereen i roat tis messije to let josua joyne orlaz teem and defeet u guyse LOL"]

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Who wrote this?!"

Joshua: "It's written my best buddy, Xandra!" (laughs)

Plankton: "FIGHT ON!"

[Joshua throws an alcoholic drink at Sophie the Otter]

Sophie: (slurring)"" (translates to: "Joshua, what are you doing? Alcohol is considered unhealthy.")

[Catherine thumbs through the pages of her spellbook]

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Sobriety spell...sobriety spell...a-ha! Here it is! Eye of newt, tongue of bore, make Sophie intoxicated no more!"

[the spell casts over Sophie, and she is now sober]

Sophie the Otter: "Hey, I'm sober!"

Amusement Park

[The heroes enter an Amusement Park]

Catherine the Spellcaster: "It looks like fun, I want to go on all of the-"

[Sophie the Otter covers Catherine the Spellcaster's mouth]

Sophie the Otter: "We can't go on the rides! We need to defeat our enemies."

[All of a sudden, the amusement park collapses except for the rollercoaster]

Plankton: "UH-OH! It collapsed!"

[A group of clowns with sinister-looking smiles wander closer to the trio]

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Let's battle them out!"

Meghann Qixxel

???: "Halt! Who goes there?"

Plankton: "Us. We are trying to defeat you!"

Meghann: "Well, I am Meghann. I am here to kill a trio like you! Let's have a battle on a rollercoaster!"

Catherine the Spellcaster: "It is testing, so it will be okay to fight on there."

[The four jump into the seats of the rollercoaster car and Plankton pulls a lever and it operates]

Meghann: "Try not to make me fall down the rollercoaster!"

Sophie the Otter: "We will because it is a battle."

Reaching Orla's Lair

[Plankton and his pals have made it through Nightmare Mountain]

Plankton: "Well, we have finally made it. This must be Orla's evil lair."

Sophie the Otter: "Nicole must be held captive here."

Catherine the Spellcaster: "What are we all waiting for?"

Plankton: "Let's go in!"

Orla Birou

[The heroes enter a room and find a small 3-year-old girl with raven hair, dressed in an evil sorceress's costume]

Orla: "Where do you think you brats are going?"

Sophie the Otter: "We are actually here to defeat you and your minions!"


Plankton: "Girls, let's show her who's boss!"

[Catherine the Spellcaster unleashes a powerful spell upon Orla]

[Sophie the Otter does a whip with her tail against Orla repeatedly]


[Orla transforms into a large fire-breathing dragon]

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Yikes! She turned into a dragon!"

[Orla spews fire at Plankton and the others]

[Catherine casts a protective spell over herself, Sophie and Plankton to shield them from the flames]

Orla: "Roar Roar Roar!"

[Plankton spews a fiery laser from his eye at Orla]

[Sophie the Otter creates water and propels herself at Orla on a water current]

[Orla swats Plankton and Sophie away with her massive paw]

Catherine the Spellcaster: "This is it."

[Catherine activates her magic crystal]

Catherine the Spellcaster: "MAGIC CRYSTAL POWER!"

[Catherine's magic crystal shoots electricity at Orla, causing her paw attack to disable]


[Sophie the Otter retries her attack at Orla by propelling herself with a water current and soaks Orla, clearing out all the flames that Orla exhaled from her breath on the floor]


Catherine the Spellcaster: "She is almost defeated! Plankton, deliver the final blow!"

Plankton: "You got it! This will show her the lesson! One instant laser!"

[Plankton shoots a laser at Orla, defeating her immediately and returning her to her normal state]

Orla: "NOOO! You fools should not have beaten me!"

Freeing Nicole and Timeout for Orla

Orla: "How could you fools defeat me?! YOU NEVER SHOULD HAVE COME THIS FAR?!"

Sophie the Otter: "Sorry, Orla, but playtime's over."

Plankton: "Let's free Nicole so she can discipline Orla in one of her minions: the Mad Naughty Pit."

[The trio frees Nicole by doing a quick slash that can chop down the rope]

Nicole: "Thank you three for saving me."

Sophie the Otter: "You are welcome. Could you please discipline Orla into the Mad Naughty Pit, please? The pit itself will also be in a regular state."

Nicole: "Orla, since you have decided to kidnap me and attack my heroes, you will be going to the Naughty Pit."


Nicole: "You have to."

Orla: (to the heroes) "This is not the end, heroes! I will get my revenge and destroy you all!"

[Nicole deposits Orla into the Mad Naughty Pit that returned to its ordinary state]

Nicole: "Plus your toys are going in toy jail."

[Nicole confiscates Orla's toys]

Sophie, Plankton, and Catherine: "We did it! We rule! Peace shall return to Supernannya!"

[The team does a high five, and then the credits scroll]

[Another scene occurs after the credits]

[Plankton picks up the phone]

Plankton: "Who is calling, please?"

Caller: (talking a lot of gibberish) (translates to: It's your operator, Joseph Capozza. You and your allies should return to my headquarters immediately. For you Plankton, I will recharge you with more atomic energy. Sophie and Catherine need a rest and a massage respectively. It is my 13th birthday today! So don't forget to join me at the party!)

Plankton: "Gotcha!"

[Plankton discards the phone]

Plankton: "Ladies, we have to go back for a refreshment. His 14th birthday party will begin soon."

Sophie the Otter: "Okay."

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