List of taglinesEdit

Season 1-3Edit

  1. Saving Supernannya, One Place at a Time
  2. Brats Deserve the Punishment
  3. Let the Team Go Strong

Season 4-presentEdit

  1. Two armies, one region, no rules
  2. Have you ever killed a teacher?
  3. Here's the War/Gorefest/Porno!
  4. Anger is born from so much hatred
  5. Get ready, be bad***
  6. Normal, Another, Genderswapped....Endless possibilities 
  7. It took God six days to create the universe, and the TT10 just over 5 seasons to screw it up. 
  8. A f***ton of team members, a disputed land, a awful school, what the f*** could possibly go wrong? 
  9. The most politically incorrect show since Monty Python's Flying Circus and Full Metal Jacket 
  10. Otters, humans, and ghosts reside in a land where corruption is bound to strike.  

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