Supernanny: The Theory Amusement Park is a theme park located in San Francisco, CA. It originated from the fact that the Theory 8 was successful. Nintendo and the SNFW Administration teamed up with various amusement park building organizations to build and design it. Construction took about eleven months. It opened on May 24, 2019, with the soft opening date being on April 11th on the same year. The park is based on the Supernanny: The Theory series. Its area is approximately 100 acres.

Attractions Edit


Around the World with the Funny Five: An indoor suspended RollerCoaster based on Supernanny: The Theory International. Go on a hot-air balloon car and travel around the world with the Funny Five! Ride is approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds long. Minimum height is 40 inches. Must be accompanied with an adult at all times. There are 4 cars in form of hot air balloons in each train and there are 2 trains.

Dark RidesEdit

Catherine the Spellcaster's Magical Adventure: A dark ride which whisks you far away into a land of wonder, enchantment and magic.

The Italian Courthouse: A ride taking place in a replica of the Italian courthouse Reicheru died in. Explore the courthouse in a Kitsune-shaped car and be frightened by the suspense Reicheru's death brings!

Water RidesEdit

Sophie the Otter's Splash Rafts: A river rafting ride with many drops, twists, and turns. It also features water cannons on each side of the track facing each other at several spots. They squirt water to soak the guests.


Alyssa the Wolf's Magic Carousel: A double-decker carousel with copies of Alyssa the Wolf taking place of the horses.

Birdman Suit Flight: A swinger ride with the chairs having Birdman Suit features such as the wings and a 2-D helmet attached to the top.

Food and Beverage FacilitiesEdit

Hot Dog on a Stick

Cold Stone Creamery

Taco Bell

Papa John's Pizza

Burger King

Jamba Juice


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