Supernanny: The Theory 4 is a video game from the Theory series on May 30, 2015.


19 worlds, consisting of he forever worlds, as well as Moon Grove, Icy Lake, Giant Cake, Iron Factory, Trial Murder Triangle, Warped Orbit, Circus, Cavern, China, Haunted Mansion, Floating Palace, and Thunder Meadow as worlds from the game.

6 new worlds are to be determined.

There will be 25 worlds in the game.

In this game, World 1 is Hell and World 2 is Grassland.


The Canoe Killers kidnap the Stist Family. Joshua and his minions start wreaking havoc across Supernannya in different worlds with a few returning from the first 2 Theory games.

Playable charactersEdit

Other hostagesEdit

  • Toshio Samo
  • Ling Cloud
  • Marci Cap

Other charactersEdit



  1. Hell (Boss: Alexandra Jenkins)
  2. Grassland (Boss: Lauren Tiniathan)
  3. Castle Dungeon (Boss: Sharpay Finster)
  4. Desert (Boss: Adrian Megnet)
  5. Mountain (Boss: Leslie Baker)
  6. Volcano (Boss: Sam Horne)
  7. Iron Factory (Boss: Orla Winer)
  8. Snowy Plains (Boss: Imogen Panizza)
  9. Cavern (Boss: Brendan, Thomas, and Dalton Ryder)
  10. Moon Grove (Boss: Rowan Ikin)
  11. Hotel (Boss: Wendy Kempington)
  12. Haunted Mansion (Boss: Julia Bronson)
  13. Icy Lake (Boss: Ainsley Mazar)
  14. Circus (Boss: Meghann Qixxel)
  15. Italy (Boss: Ashley Marxonica)
  16. Thunder Meadow (Boss: Orla Sanderman)
  17. City (Boss: Christine Moranis)
  18. Japan (Boss: Marie and Garret Green)
  19. Floating Palace (Boss: Samantha Kyra's evil form)
  20. Giant Cake (Boss: Teddy Langbroek, Bryce Langbroek, and Sherman Langbroek)
  21. Tropical Island (Boss: Brahm and Treat Jennings)
  22. Misty Field (Boss: Ji hung and Ji chang Kirochu)
  23. China (Boss: Michaela Britiana)
  24. Warped Orbit (Boss: Joshua Juritin)
  25. Trial Murder Triangle (Boss: Canoe Killers)


Kyra Family 2024 Christmas

Sanderman Family 2011 Easter

Ania Kiranoko's Tonsillectomy

Everitt Family 2011 Vacation

Joshua Jurtin gets sent to Behavior Modification Camp

Alexandra Jenkins gets sent to Behavior Modification Camp

Horne Family Vacation in Japan

Kirochu Family Vacation 2016

Marxonica Family 2012 Passover

Affan Family 2011 Thanksgiving

Langbroek Family 2010 Halloween

Sanderman Family 2010 Halloween

Regunal Family 2011 Easter

Qixxel Family 2012 Christmas

Imogen Panizza gets sent to Boot Camp

Mazar Family 2010 Halloween

Kempington Family 2010 Halloween

Baker Family 2014 Vacation

Baxter Family 2018 Thanksgiving

Liver Family 2023 Hanukkah

Carmichael Family 2013 Kwanzaa

Panizza Family 2014 Christmas

Fink Family 2033 Christmas

Shiners Family 2033 Christmas

Beauregard Family 2028 Christmas

Sutton Family 2015 Christmas

Llewellyn Family 2019 Christmas

Teavee Family 2028 Christmas

McGregor Famly 2020 Christmas

Ikin Family 2015 Christmas

Tyson and Blake get sent to Boot Camp

Gabroonie Family 2011 Christmas

The seven get sent to Boot Camp

Rolf gets kicked out of Children's Day Montessori School

Takumi Sato hacks onto Kazuki Sato's account

Moses Cap throws a tantrum because he has to go to the dentist