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Supernanny: Battle Royale (JP: Supernanny: Theory Fighting Blast) is a 3D fighting game developed by the Supernanny Fanon Wiki Administration for the PS4, XBOX ONE, 3DS, and Wii U. It will release on November 2015.


Welcome to Supernannya, where a war is coming on and combat, go to the storyline and fight until the end of the Bobbalu-Team Terrific 10 war, here's the gorefest that is so awesome! Or fight in the combat mode to fight members. You can even fight as much enemies in a time limit under Time Trial Mode, too! Or, if you want to practice defeating enemies with no time limit, try the Zen Mode.


Story Mode: Follow the plot of the Bobbalu-Team Terrific 10 War and combat GBS members to receive rewards at the end of each chapter.

Combat Mode: Fight your members. The last one standing wins.

Time Trial Mode: Defeat as much enemies as possible within an adjustable time limit.

Zen Mode: Ideal for beginners. There is no time limit, so you can freely fight as much opponents as you can until you lose all of your lives. 



  • There is a parental setting that controls how much graphic violence there is.


The game received positive reviews from critics.

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