Before the Revolving Line of CreditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supermanny...child expert Mike Ruggles, who has been working with families in crisis for two decades, visits the Sanchez Family..."

Catherine: "Pepito, you better open this door right this instant, young man!"

Pepito: "Go, kill yourself, (bleep)!"

Announcer: "A place of chaos, disaster, violence, and mayhem."

[Miguel pushes Catherine]

[Pedro and Pepito scream in the car]

Catherine: "Boys! It's time to get up! You're going to be late for school!"

[Catherine is busy feeding Baby Carlos]

[Miguel, Pedro and Pepito throw Catherine's iPad downstairs and breaks it]

Catherine: "Boys! Oh, my god! That was so expensive!"

Announcer: "While dad is away at work..."

[Garret leaves to go to work]

Garret: "See you to tonight, babe."

Catherine: "Say goodbye to daddy, everybody!"

Announcer: "Stay-at-home mom deals with all 4 boys, struggling with frustration."

Pepito: "Mommy is a four-eyes! A four-eyes! A four-eyes!"

Submission ReelEdit

Mike: "My name is Mike Ruggles, and I've been helping families in crisis for over 15 years. When I first saw the footage of the Sanchez Family, I thought, wow."

[(footage clip) Pepito and Pedro wrestling each other]

Catherine: "Pepito, get in the car. You're going to be late for school."

[Pedro shouts at the top of his lungs]

Catherine: "I am a stay-at-home mom who deals with all 4 children."

[Miguel kicks and screams at a supermarket]


Catherine: "No, I'm not buying that for you."

Miguel: "BUT I WANT IT!!!"

Garret: "This house is full of chaos."

[Pepito hits Pedro]


[Mike parks his car in front of the Sanchez Residence]

[Mike steps out of his car and walks up to the door, knocking on the door]

[A young woman in her mid-20's, with strawberry blonde hair and glasses answers the door, whilst carrying her baby boy. She looks completely exhausted]

Mike: "Hello, I'm Mike Ruggles. I take it you're Catherine Sanchez?"

Catherine: "Yes, that's me, and this is my biological son, Carlos."

Mike: "Hi there, little guy, how are you?"

[Shouting is heard in the background, and three boys come running outside, wrestling each other]

[A boy with black hair grabs two younger boys and pins them onto the ground]

Catherine: "That is my adopted son from Mexico, his name is Miguel. And those are the twins adopted from Spain; their names are Pedro and Pepito."

[Pedro bites Pepito's arm]

Catherine: "Pedro, no! You do not bite your brother. That is not nice."

[Miguel spits in his mother's face]

Catherine: "You do not spit in mommy's face. You are not a camel."

Pedro: "Mommy is a four-eyes!"

Observation BeginsEdit

Mike: "Catherine was going to a job interview, so she had her brother in law, Steven, drive her there since she was unable to obtain a Driver's Liscense due to her history of seizures and her anti-seizure medication. She left her four sons at her parent's house."

Catherine: "Here you go, mom. Call me if there are any problems. Here are diapers, the boys' favorite movies, Carlos' formula, his blanket, the twins' favorite toys, and plenty of coloring books with plenty of crayons."

Grandma Elizabeth Ray: "Don't worry, Catherine. We'll take care of everything."

Catherine: "Oh, and Dad. Dad?"

[Grandpa Gary Ray is asleep on the recliner, in front of the big screen HD TV]

Catherine: "Never mind, then. Okay, I gotta go now. Bye!"

[Catherine leaves]

Observation ContinuesEdit

Trip to the SupermarketEdit

Mike: Later on, Catherine took the boys to the supermarket."

[Catherine straps Carlos into the baby bike seat attatched to her tandem bike, puts Pedro and Pepito into the bike trailer. Miguel puts on his helmet and hops on the rear seat of his mom's tandem bike, while Catherine takes the front seat]

Catherine: "Okay, everybody got their helmets on?"

Miguel: "Yup!"

[Miguel checks his brothers' helmets]

Miguel: "Yep!"

Catherine: "Okay, good. Supermarket, ho!"

[Catherine and Miguel ride the tandem bike to a local supermarket]

[Catherine and the boys arrive at the supermarket]

Miguel's trap for MikeEdit

Miguel: "I was planning a trap for Mike because I don't like him."

[Miguel puts water all over the floor]

Catherine: "Miguel, don't you dare. You are cleaning that mess up right now!"

Mike: "I'll take care of this. You and Garret have a great time at the movies."

[Catherine and Garret leave the house]

Mike: "Clean the mess up, Miguel."

[Miguel trips Mike over and he falls onto the floor]

Pepito: "Are you okay?"

[A few minutes later, Mike is sitting on a chair. His arms and legs bound with duct tape]

Pepito: "Mike, what happened? Here, let me help you."

Mike: "I suddenly realized that boys are a bit mischievous and they like to play games."

Mike: "Miguel, why don't we make cleaning up a game?"

[Pedro knocks Mike over the head with a frying pan]

Mike: "Pedro, we don't do that; it's not nice."

[Carlos is in his crib, taking a nap]

The boys taunt CatherineEdit

Pedro: "Mommy is a four-eyes! A four-eyes! A four-eyes!"

Catherine: "That is enough!"

Catherine: "The boys taunt me because I'm wearing glasses by calling me a four-eyes."

Pepito: "It's not fair that Mommy has four eyes!"

Pedro: "I know, right! She has glasses, she looks so stupid in them that she has four eyes in all!"

Catherine: "Boys!"

Miguel: "What's up, alien?"

Catherine: "They'll also call me alien, UFO, machine, nerd, godzilla, and morse."

Pedro: "Mommy is Godzilla!"

Chat with MomEdit

Catherine: "I feel so overwhelmed raising my boys while Garret is at work."

Parent MeetingEdit

Catherine: "What's worse, they torment Grandpa Ray, who has had a long history of eye surgeries. My dad has had his retina detached before, and my mom is both near-sighted and far-sighted. My husband also worked hard to get a his driver's license, and he has been working with his father as a construction worker."

Garret: "What's worse, my drunk-a** brother Robert doesn't treat me with respect. Even though me and my wife Catherine are married and we now life far away from him, he still calls me on my cell phone, bringing up stupid s*** about the past, our favorite hobbies, and even our lifestyle."

[Catherine breaks down crying]

Catherine: "It's just too much...I'm just afraid his influence might corrupt my little husband gets so angry whenever my brother-in-law Robert calls him on the cell phone or drives past him in his white SUV."

Mike: "Calm down, Catherine."

Catherine: "Garret and I were so happy on the day we got married, but our honeymoon was ruined when Garret kept getting harassing calls from his sister, his in-law and his brother. I was relaxing at the spa which was interrupted with my newly-wed husband's angry shouting over the phone."

Mike: "Why did he have his cell phone on?"

Catherine: "He always kept his cell phone on in case of emergencies. He felt that was important to have a phone with you at all times."

Garret: "Yeah. I needed a phone so I would know if there was an emergency involving my family or my friends. During our honeymoon, the phone rang and it was Jose, bringing up his stupid s*** about us! I was so mad."

House RulesEdit


Naughty MatEdit

[Catherine is cooking dinner]

Miguel: "Look, it's mommy, the morse!"

Garret: "Miguel."

Miguel: "Mommy is a four-eyes!"

Catherine: "Now what do I do?"

Mike: "You simply tell that little boy, 'stop it right now. Continue this behavior and you're going to the Naughty Mat.'"

Catherine: "All right. Miguel, stop it right now. Continue this behavior and you're going to the Naughty Mat."

Miguel: "Mommy is godzilla!"

Mike: "Bring him to the mat."

[Catherine picks Miguel up and brings him over to the Naughty Mat]

Catherine: "You stay her until I tell you that's okay to get up, do you understand?"

Mike: "You are here for because you called your mother names and you know better than that. Without her glasses, she won't see well. And for 4 minutes."

Get Up and Go ChartEdit

Car Drill TechniqueEdit


Mini MikeEdit

Turn off the Cell PhonesEdit

Mike: "Garret was feeling stressed and overwhelmed over the reliability of having a cell phone, so I decided it was time him and his wife to turn off the cell phones."

Mike: "You have been relying on your phones for emergencies, correct?"

Garret: "Yes."

Mike: "But it can be stressful when you do it too much."

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