Super-Manny Special: (Sanchez Family) is a Fanon sixth season episode special of Supernanny.
Mikeruggles 86x115
This week, while Jo Frost is on vacation, Mike Ruggles fills in for her as he heads off to Riverside, California, to meet the Sanchez family. Catherine age 25, and Garret age 24, have 4 boys; 3 adopted and 1 biological: 4-year-old Miguel (adopted from Mexico), 5-month-old Carlos (her biological son) and 3-year-old identical twins, Pedro and Pepito (both adopted from Spain). While Garret is away at his job, Catherine, who is a stay-at-home mother, is left to take care of all her boys, which is a living nightmare, especially when she has a hard time, trying to get her sons ready and off to school and suffering from the boys' morning whining and temper tantrums. While in the car, the boys get bored and they start to play up, bickering amongst themselves. Can Mike Ruggles turn things around before disaster strikes? This episode marks an issue on the Get Up and Go Chart, Car Drill Technique, Mini-Mike, Involvement, and the Naughty Mat.

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