Last year, Mike Ruggles helped the Armstrong Family in South Africa, and now this year, he heads Down Under to Newcastle, Australia to help a single divorced father Blaine (39) with his three sons. On his first marriage, he had Jaxon (17) and on his second marriage, he had Beau (7) and Levi (6). Jaxon swears, punches and throws things around, Beau is very spoiled and aggressive and Levi bites Blaine and throws constant tantrums when things didn't go his way.

Mikeruggles 86x115

Discipline Techniques: Naughty Pad & Electronic Confiscation (for Jaxon), Naughty Rectangle & Toy Confiscation (for Beau and Levi)

Other Techniques: Mini-Mike, Brother Box

Transcripts in Theory GamesEdit

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