Mikeruggles 86x115
Jo Frost is on vacation for a while, so that means Chicago developmental therapist Mike Ruggles is filling in for her. Mike heads down to Troy, Michigan to help out Aaron (44) and Orla Hricko (38) take back control of their unruly, wild, and out-of-control kids: Farley (4), Felicity (3), Emily (6), Joey (2) and Amber (5). These kids curse, fight, belch at the table, run across the street, throw darts, slack on their chores, fight at school, swear, play violent video games, and play baseball in the house. It's up to Mike to turn things around.

Discipline techniques: Naughty Room (for Emily), Naughty Circle (for Joey, Felicity, Amber, and Farley)

Other Techniques: Mini-Mike, Roaming Technique, Dinosaur Reward Chart