In this Supermanny Special, Mike Ruggles helps out an Atlantic City couple who are struggling to keep their four daughters in line. Patrick (44) and Debbie Dedes (41) are both middle school teachers that have no trouble disciplining their students, but when it comes to their daughters, they just don't know how to discipline them. Eldest daughter Natasha (20) is pregnant with her first child and constantly argues with her younger sisters. Ellen (17) is well-behaved, Anna (15) argues with both her parents and constantly swears at them and youngest daughter Julie (12) has the makings of a spoiled brat. Can Mike help this family get back on track before things descend to chaos?


Run Amok

Discipline used in this episode: Lose What You Like Chart

Other techniques: Involvement Technique and Family Time

Mikeruggles 86x115

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