Mike Ruggles goes to Carlsbad, New Mexico to meet the Carions. Percy, age 36, and Dolly, age 31, have 3 hyperactive kids: Dudley, age 4, Ice, age 2, and Lucille, age 1. Dudley and Ice punch, kick, swear, scream, backtalk rudely, and do other stuff. They also refuse to eat. Which threatens Ice's health since he has Type 1 Diabetes. Lucille is starting to learn her older brothers' behavior, but she is mostly well-behaved. Can Mike Ruggles put things back together or will everything will still be held to mayhem with this family? This episode marks an issue of the Naughty Step (for Dudley), Naughty Pit (for Ice and Lucille), Baby Log, Good Eater, and Mini-Mike.

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