The Sun Family is a fanon season 26 episode of Supernanny. Gloria visits Pudsey, England to meet a family whose youngest son has a split personality disorder. Allen, age 38, and Carly, age 32, have 4 kids: January, age 12, Felix, age 9, Jasper, age 5, and Trevor, age 3. January is well-behaved, but feels left out due to her brothers' blatant behaviors. Felix calls his parents horrible names and plays violent video games. Jasper throws tantrums, refuses to brush his teeth, and throws things. Trevor is literally the worst behaved boy Gloria has ever encountered. He stabs people with knives and other dangerous equipment, acts extremely cruel to animals and even kills them, destroys many electronic equipment in public, got expelled from all preschools in Pudsey alone for very very violent deeds, swears even the dirtiest words, and does all other stuff, however only his evil form does this. His good form is well-behaved. Can Gloria deal with Trevor's split personality and tame his older brothers? This episode also marks an issue of the Naughty Zone (for Felix), Naughty Seat (for Jasper), Naughty Pit (for Trevor), Thought Box (for January), Video Games Technique, Toothbrush Technique, and a new technique called Split Personality Cope.      

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