Sun Chen Kiranoko (Chinese: 孫晨 (Sun Chen)) (born January 15th 2007) is a 13-year-old Chinese girl and a fraternal twin sister of Sun Wei. She was born in Beijing, China in 2007. She and Sun Wei were put up for adoption in 2010 because their mother abused them. They were adopted by Marie-Anne and Joseph Kiranoko.


She has long black hair and brown eyes she looks pretty she wears a necklace and wears a Chinese school uniform sometimes, she wears a T-Shirt with a Huli Jing (Nine Tailed Fox in China) on it and wears a skirt with chains, but while in school, she wears a red and gold dress, her party attire is a red and gold t-shirt with a blue skirt covered in glitter.


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  • Her full name is Sun Chen Jiao Kiranoko
  • Sun Chen's favorite ice cream flavor is black sesame
  • Her favorite dessert is ice-cream mooncake, a dessert served during the Mid-Autumn festival in China
  • She also likes red mung beans
  • Her favorite fruit is mangoes
  • She and Sun Wei are both fans of Dragon Ball Z but Sun Chen doesn't watch it; she usually reads the manga, but in Chinese.
  • Her favorite movie is Chinese Ghost Story
  • Her favorite music band is Evanescence
  • She enjoys tarot reading
  • In Christmas 2019, she opened her presents to reveal a dragon kite, tarot cards and a Nutcracker Chinese Dancer. And in her stocking, she found an Nintendo 3DS, a Flyleaf CD, Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon Diamond.
  • For Halloween 2019, she was dressed up as the Far East Empress