In this fanon season 28 episode, Annie visits Darwin, Australia to meet the most selfish, stubborn, and violent mother anyone has ever met. Dexter Duff, age 50, and Ishall****youinthe****ing*** Sogo****yourselfandyoumustbe****ingdeadand Suckmy****ing****andeata****ingloadofhorse****, age 40....Wait, what?! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! ISHALL****YOUINTHE****ING*** SOGO****YOURSELFANDYOUMUSTBE****INGDEADAND SUCKMY****ING****ANDEATA****INGLOADOFHORSE***?!?! Well, her original name was Ruby Duff, but got her name changed. They have 4 children: Lex, age 20, Jimmy, age 7, Gilbert, age 4, and Isaac, age 2 (adopted from South Africa). Lex is well-behaved, but his little brothers aren't. Jimmy calls his parents every name in the book and is defiant. Gilbert acts violent to animals and refuses to stay in bed, and Isaac throws tantrums and refuses to give up his pacifier. If you thought ****youeveryoneand Youaremother****ing****faces was bad, Ishall****youinthe****ing*** is the most violent, stubborn, AND selfish mother anyone has ever met. She has over millions of abusive discipline techniques such as spankings, groundings, hot sauce, tabasco sauce, go in hot water, cold showers, soak with cold water, soap in the mouth, tie to chair, gas chambers, tape to wall, mute with duct tape, banish in attic, banish in cellar, Creepy Zoo, Ferocious the Fox, Baddie the Bulldog, Creepers the Cat, Devil the Duck, Scary the Squirrel, pull ears, kick in the ***,  and much, much more. She is ranked #1 hotspot on the Top 100 most abusive mothers 2036. She also thinks that TV IS FOR 18 AND UP, GAMES ARE FOR 13 AND UP, TOYS ARE FOR 18 MONTHS AND UNDER, AND BOOKS ARE FOR 13 AND UP! (Her words, and I really mean her words, not mine!). She also shook her 6-month-old triplet sons Felix, Fred, and Frank to death while watching Sausage Party. Can Annie try to help the family once and for all? This episode also marks an issue of the Reflection Room (for Jimmy), Naughty Stool (for Gilbert), Naughty Pit and Super Naughty Pit (for Isaac), Paci-Fairy technique, Stay in Bed, Selfish Tame, Essay Order, and Thought Box.