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Strauss Family
Season 30, Episode 3
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The Strauss Family is a fanon season 30 episode of Superanny. In this episode, Molly O'Bree is in Winnipeg, MB, Canada to meet Louise Strauss (37) and her husband Ashley (40) and their children. The oldest children are a set of male identical quindecaplets and their names are R.J., Craig, Nathan, Brandon, Rob, Keith, Chris, Tyler, Sheldon, Chad, Garrett, Mario, Fraser, Dylan, and Cory and they are all aged 15. The female identical quindecaplets named Leanne, Rochelle, Laurie, Eva, Steffi, Katy, Sarah, Heidi, Willow, Chellsie, Dawn, Raven, Ayla, Sidra, and Kelsey are all 11 years old. The youngest three children are Joey (10), Shane (6), and Teya (3). While Craig, Nathan, Rob, Chris, Sheldon, Chad, Dylan, Leanne, Rochelle, Laurie, Eva, Steffi, Katy and Sarah are all well-behaved, their siblings from both sets from quindecaplets and their younger siblings are far from that. Joey threatens to run away from home and is having a hard time at school, Shane hits his siblings and Teya refuses to eat her fruit and vegetables, but other than that, Teya, Shane and Joey are well-behaved. But the bad kids from both sets of quindecaplets behave the worst! Heidi, Willow, Chellsie, Dawn, Raven, Ayla, Sira and Kelsey swear, bite their quindecaplet sisters, . R.J., Brandon, Keith, Tyler, Chad, Garrett, Mario, Fraser and Cory swear, refuse to do their homework, do poorly at school and attack others. Can Molly stop this family from falling apart?

Discipline Techniques: Naughty Desk (for R.J., Brandon, Keith, Tyler, Chad, Garrett, Mario, Fraser and Cory), Cool-Down Area (for Heidi, Willow, Chellsie, Dawn, Raven, Ayla, Sidra and Kelsey), Naughty Zone (for Joey), Naughty Rectangle (for Shane), Naughty Pit and Super Naughty Pit (for Teya), Electronic Confiscation (for the older kids), Toy Confiscation (for Shane and Teya)

Other Techniques: Good Eater (for Teya)

Transcripts in Theory GamesEdit

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