The Stine Family is a fanon season 5 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits Kent County, Delaware to meet the Stines. From Greg's previous marriage, he had 2 sons: Greg, age 19 and Norris, age 13. Sue had a daughter from her previous marriage, Alice, age 10 who is diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Together, Greg, age 44, and Sue, age 33, have 7 children. Fraternal triplets Isaac, Al, and Annie, age 7, Trixie, age 5, Bart, age 4, Tina, age 2, and Dale, age 9 months. The triplets are prone to swear and talk back. Trixie, Bart, and Tina throw tantrums and get their own way. Greg acts as a third parent. Alice has a hard time having conversations with her friends at school, though is well-behaved. This episode marks an issue of the Naughty Platform and Thought Box (for Greg Jr., Norris, and Alice) .