Stephanie Burns (born November 23, 2022) is a daughter of Nicola and Lewis Burns and the fraternal quadecaplet sister of Glenn, Leah, Amy, Kathryn, Carly, Andrew, Tess, Lucinda, Michelle, Adam, Tanya, Sarah and Graham.

Birthday PartiesEdit

  • 1st Birthday-
  • 2nd Birthday-
  • 3rd Birthday-
  • 4th Birthday-
  • 5th Birthday-
  • 6th Birthday-
  • 7th Birthday-
  • 8th Birthday-
  • 9th Birthday-
  • 10th Birthday-
  • 11th Birthday-
  • 12th Birthday-
  • 13th Birthday-
  • 14th Birthday-
  • 15th Birthday-
  • 16th Birthday-
  • 17th Birthday-
  • 18th Birthday-



Family TreeEdit

Jig KidzEdit


  • Her full name is Stephanie
  • Her favorite movie is
  • Her favorite TV show is
  • Her favorite color is
  • Her favorite candy is
  • Her favorite singer is
  • Her favorite band is
  • Her favorite song is "Worth It" by Fifth Harmony
  • Her favorite book is
  • Her favorite cartoon is
  • Her favorite electronic is
  • Her favorite activity is
  • Her favorite store/brand is


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