Stacie Beckett (born June 18, 2019) is the daughter of Brian and Rhonda Beckett and brother of John, Amber, Amanda, Peter and Stevie.


Stacie has black hair with honey blonde highlights, green eyes. She wears jeans, shoes and a bright yellow T-shirt. Her pajamas are her Justice pajamas.


She can go crazy when she writes on walls and is quite a prankster. After Supernanny's visit, she becomes well-behaved.

Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Brian Beckett (1984-)
  • Mother: Rhonda Beckett (née: Tucker) (1988-)
  • Brothers: John Beckett (2014-), Peter Beckett (2026-), Stevie Beckett (2028-)
  • Sisters: Amber Beckett (2015-), Amanda Beckett (2017-)
  • Aunts: Marissa Oppenheimer-Tucker (1988-), Helen Tucker-Jones (1987-), Madison Tucker-Alphonse (1989-), Mia Cartwright-Tucker (1991-), Christine Tucker-Harvey (1991-), Rachel Smith-Tucker (1993-), Dana Tucker-Rodriguez (1993-), Janice Kavner-Tucker (1994-), Caroline Tucker-Smith (1995-), Kendra Canstella-Tucker (1996-), Cynthia Tucker-Smith (1997-), Lilly Shearer-Tucker (1998-), Angelica Tucker-Harris (1999-)
  • Uncles: Thomas Tucker (1986-), Lance Jones (1983-), Carter Alphonse (1985-), Marcus Tucker (1990-), Richard Harvey (1987-), Matthew Tucker (1992-), Fernando Rodriguez (1989-), Joseph Tucker (1994-), Chester Smith (1991-), Alvin Tucker (1996-), Daniel Gordon (1993-), Tyler Tucker (1998-), Eric Harris (1995-)
  • Cousins: Harry Beckett
  • Grandmothers: Charlene Beckett (née: Payne) (1961-), Jacqueline Tucker (née: McComb) ( -)
  • Grandfathers: Timothy Beckett (1964-), Albert Tucker (1966-)


  • Her full name is Anastacia Deborah Joy Beckett
  • Her favorite foods are pizza and gelato
  • Her favorite movie is Night at the Museum
  • Her favorite book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling
  • Her favorite TV show is The Simpsons
  • Her favorite color is hot pink
  • Her favorite store/brand is Wet Seal
  • Her favorite number is 5
  • She enjoys drawing
  • For Halloween 2031, she is dressed as a witch
  • She dislikes when her privileges are taken away


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