In this episode, Jo returns to Scotland in the UK to help single divorced mother Wendy Spears (41) and her two children. While son Elijah (12 1/2) is well-behaved, it's her daughter Sabrina-Brunetta (16) who is far from it. If you thought Orla Birou (season 8) and Chantelle McGregor (season 19) were bad, then Sabrina-Brunetta has to be one of the most cruelist girls Jo has ever met. She is extremely violent, cruel to animals, she smashes things in rage, injures the pets, and even has a criminal record. Can Jo tame Sabrina-Brunetta before she does any more damage?

Discipline technique used: One-Strike-and-You're-Out and Lose What You Like Chart

Other techniques used: Thought Box, Intervention Technique, Reward Chart, Trust Technique and Family Time

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