Jo Frost-11-25-11
Jo heads off to Seward, Alaska to help yet another family in need. Charles (38) owns a birthday party service, and Charlette (32) runs a nail salon, plus they have their hands full with their kids: identical sextuplets Gabriel, Chloe, Andrew, Bobby, Alexander and Peyton (1 1/2), Tasha (4), Avery (2), and Joshua (6). These kids, especially the sextuplets, run amok, act odd around the clock and do all sorts of odd stuff. Can this family be saved or will it all end in a nightmare?

Discipline technique(s): Naughty Pillow (for Bobby, Andrew, Gabriel, Peyton, Alexander, Chloe, Avery, and Tasha), Naughty Room (for Joshua), Toy Confiscation

Other Techniques: Jungle Reward Chart, Stay in Bed, Involvement