The Slack Family is a Fanon season 29 episode of Supernanny. Ruth Higgins visits Wellington, New Zealand to visit the Slacks. Trenton, age 52, and Tika, age 49, have 5 children: Nicholas, age 17, Myra, age 16, Jeannie, age 14, Chester, age 11, and Rolland, age 7. Nicholas, Myra, and Jeannie take all kinds of drugs and smoke cigarettes. They are also too lazy to help around the house and spend too much time watching TV, playing violent video games, and talking to their friends via social networking sites and phones. Not to mention that they are fond of pulling pranks on people in public and often shoplift on stuff. Chester refuses to get up for school or go to bed and calls his relatives every name in the book, and Rolland is very violent and curses, hits, kicks, pinches, spits, bites, scratches, and even throws objects. Will Ruth shape things up and help the family or will the violence continue? This episode marks an issue of the Calm Down Zone, Lose What You Like Chart, Get What You Hate Chart, Chore Buddy System, Video Games Technique, Drug Disposal, Rise & Shine, Stay in Bed, Green Smoothie, Cigarette Disposal, and Shoplift Detective.

Transcripts for Theory GamesEdit

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