The Skinner Family is a Fanon season 15 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits Racine, WI to meet the Skinners. Tom, age 37, and Agnes, age 30, have 7 children: TJ (Thomas Jared), age 7, Cody, age 5, Kira, age 4, and fraternal quadruplets Melody, Sam, Mitchell, and Mark, age 3. TJ calls his parents every name in the book and refuses to do his homework. Cody spits and runs on the street naked. He also swears and attempts to commit suicide. Kira throws violent tantrums and is very defiant. The quadruplets refuse to wake up for preschool. Can Jo help this family with the Reflection Room, Naughty Stool, Naughty Pit, Rise & Shine, Homework Area, and Family Time?

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