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Barbara: "Kids, get in the van! We have to go to a family reunion!"

Eliza: "Coming, mom!"

Lester: "What?! That is stupid!"

Barbara: "Lester, let's go!"

At the Family ReunionEdit

Barbara: "We are here!"

Lester: "I hope there aren't any enemies in this family reunion."

Eliza: (looks up from her zoology book) "What do you mean, Lester?"

Lester: "I hope that there aren't any mean guys in this case."

Eliza: "I am clear with that."

Max: "Let's get out, everyone."

[The family comes into Aunt Edwina's house]

Barbara: "Hi, Edwina."

Aunt Edwina: "Hi, Barbara. We are having a feast under the stars."

Lester: "Duh! I am not coming with you, losers! I better run away!"

[Lester runs away from Aunt Edwina's house]

Eliza: "Mom, where is Lester?"

Barbara: "I will take a look outside, sweetie."

Eliza: "Alright."

[Barbara goes outside and notices Lester running into the streets]

Eliza: "Mom! Lester's running into the streets!"

Barbara: "Oh my god!"

Aunt Edwina: "Lester, that's dangerous. A car could hit you!"

Inside the house

[Maybel and her other cousins are watching classic cartoons]

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