Before the Revolving Line of CreditsEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny..."

Lester: "Shut up, you... stupid (bleep)!"

Announcer: "Jo meets the Simpson Family."

Annoucer: "With a kid that has ADHD."

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Here I am in Springfield, Missouri, ready to help another family. Let's take a look, shall we?"

???: "Hi, we're the Simpson Family. I'm Barbara."

???: "And I'm Max."

Barbara: "We have Lester who is 10, Eliza who is 8, and Maybel who is 1. Lester is our main problem, for he has been diagnosed with ADHD. He pulls various sorts of pranks, has little or no respect for authority, swears, has an antagonistic relationship with his sister Eliza..."

[Lester pushes and hits Eliza]

Eliza: "Lester, stop it."

[Lester bites Eliza]

Eliza: "MO-OOO-OOM!"

Barbara: "Maybel mimics violent acts she sees on TV programs."

[Maybel mimics a violent act she sees on Tom and Jerry by using a knife to mimic Tom's act trying to kill Jerry with an axe]

Barbara: "Maybel, no! We do not do that! That is not nice! Stop it!"

Max: "I work at a Nuclear Power Plant, and I don't finish until 5:00 p.m."

Barbara: "Supernanny, I'm begging you, please, please come help."

Jo: "You guys seriously need my help. Hold on, I'm on my way."

Simpson Family HomeEdit

[Jo knocks on the door]

Barbara: "Hi."

Jo: "Hi, I'm Jo Frost. Nice to meet you."

Barbara: "Nice to meet you too, my name is Barbara, and this is Maybel."

Jo: "Hi, Maybel. How are you sweetie?"

[Barbara leads Jo upstairs and to the bedroom of a freckled girl with glasses and curly red hair, who is working on her homework]

Barbara: "This is my other daughter, Eliza. She just got home from an afterschool club."

Jo: "Hello, Eliza. I'm Jo-Jo. Nice to meet you."

Eliza: "Hi."

[Eliza stands up, but finds herself literaly super-glued to the chair, courtesy of one culprit--]

Eliza: "Grrr, LESTER!!!!"

Jo: "Lester?"

Eliza: "Yes, he's my brother. He does that a lot."

[We hear laughter coming from a spiky blonde-haired boy]

Lester: "Got you, Eliza! You shoud've seen the look on your 4-eyed face!"

Observation BeginsEdit

[Eliza is in her room playing the Trombone]

[Lester drowns Eliza's trombone music with loud heavy metal music with explicit lyrics]

Eliza: "Lester, turn that (bleep) music off! I'm trying to practice! I have a school band concert next week!"

Lester: "No!"


[Barbara enters Eliza's room]

Barbara: "Lester, please turn down that music. Your sister's band concert at school is next week and you do not interrupt her while she is practicing."


[Lester punches Barbara in the face]

Eliza's after school ActivitiesEdit

Barbara: "My daughter has afterschool activities, such as the band after school each day, Chess Club on Mondays and Wednesdays, Pony Club on Tuesdays, Science Club on Fridays, and Book Club on Thursdays."

Jo: "I mean, why would she choose to join clubs to go to everyday after school when she has a school band to go to every day?"

Jo: "Why do you not want to go home to your family, Eliza?"

Eliza: "Everyday, when I come home, my brother tortures me. He makes my life a living nightmare. I thought that staying after school for club activities would make me feel safer from him."

Parent MeetingEdit

Jo: "We're here because I want to talk to you about your children. Your youngest, Maybel, imitates violent acts on Tom and Jerry. It's disgusting!"

Jo: "Let's talk about Lester. He tortures his sister, Eliza, and he constantly makes her life a living nightmare. As a result, Eliza would rather stay after school for club activities."

House RulesEdit

Jo: "Today, I'm here to introduce some house rules. Number one, no swearing. number two, no fighting..."

The Phone CallEdit

[Jo picks up the phone]

Jo: "Hi, who is this calling please?"

Nicole: "This is Nicole Birou-Jennings. Is there anything I can do for you?"

[Orla is working on her science fair project with assistance with her twin sister Kayla and her stepfather Robert]

Jo: "Yes. I would like to talk to you about the Simpsons."

Nicole: "Who are the parents?"

Jo: "There is Max and Barbara."

Nicole: "Can you tell me the names of their children?"

Jo: "They have Lester who is 10, Eliza who is 8, and Maybel who is 1. Lester is diagnosed with ADHD. He has an unacceptable behavior. He tortures his sister, Eliza, and makes her life a complete nightmare. Therefore, Eliza has club activities to avoid him. Maybel mimics violent acts on TV and plays with her father's power tools."

Jo: "Can you explain me the techniques I should introduce?"

Nicole: "Give Maybel the Naughty Pit and Lester and Eliza the Reflection Room."

Jo: "OK, thank you."

Naughty PitEdit

Jo: "Today, I'm going to introduce the Naughty Pit; for whenever Maybel misbehaves, this is where she will go."

[Jo pulls out a clean colorful trash can-sized piece of furniture]

Jo: "You will also deposit 10..."

[Jo brings out 10 blue beanbags]

Jo: "...beanbags into the pit when you put her in there. But if she gets up before her time is up, I'd like you to discard two more beanbags for every move. Since she is only 1, she will stay there for one minute .

Jo: "Since the Naughty Pit is only appropriate for Maybel and Lester

Barbara: "This is the Reflection Room. Don't wanna be in here, right?"

Eliza: "No."

Jo: "And it wasn't long before Maybel kicked off."

[Barbara is in the laundry room washing clothes and linens until she notices Maybel playing with Max's powertools]

Barbara: "Maybel, give me daddy's powertools."

[Barbara tries to take the tools off Maybel but no avail]

Barbara: "Come on, let's go to the Naughty Pit."

[Maybel writes a note that says "I'M PLAYING!"]

[Maybel tries to escape in her Princess Cozy Coupe with Glitter play car]

Barbara: "Come on, Maybel. Out of the play car."

[Barbara catches up to Maybel, takes her out of her play car and deposits her into the Naughty Pit]

Barbara: "You have been placed here in the Naughty Pit because you didn't give me Daddy's powertools."

[Maybel screams at the top of her lungs]

Jo: "Just ignore it, Barbara."

[Barbara takes the power tools away from Maybel and puts them out of reach; she discards 10 beanbags into the Naughty Pit]

Reflection RoomEdit

Jo: "Barbara was getting into her car to pick Eliza up from an afterschool club, and Lester started to kick off."

[Barbara straps Maybel into her car seat]

Barbara: "Lester, let's go. We're going to go pick up your sister from Chess Club."

Lester: "(bleep)... no! I ain't... getting in! I just got home from... school, you stupid... (bleep)!"

Barbara: "Lester, no! Stop this behavior right now!"

Lester: "My behavior won't... stop, (bleep)!"

Barbara: "So, what do I do?"

Jo: "I'd like you to give Lester a warning to stop the behavior. If he does not listen, I'd like you to send him to the Reflection Room for 10 minutes."

Barbara: "Okay."

Barbara: (to Lester) "Lester Malcolm Simpson, this is your warning. Stop this behavior. If you do not listen, I'm going to send you to the Reflection Room."

Lester: "I'M...STAYING...HERE!!!!!!"

Barbara: "I cannot trust you to be at home by yourself because you threw a wild party without permission and made the house a mess which took a week to clean up. Let's go."

Lester: "NO!!"

Barbara: "What do I do, Jo? Put Lester in the Reflection Room before or after picking Eliza up from Chess Club?"

Jo: "Do it after. If he chooses to be defiant, then there will be consequences for it."

Barbara: "We're still going. Eliza's waiting. If you choose to be defiant, then there will be consequences. Do you understand?"

Lester: "I...DON'T...WANT...TO!!!!"

[Lester starts kicking Barbara]

Barbara: "You do not kick your mother. If you do that again, I'm taking away your XBOX One!"

[Barbara, Maybel, Jo, and Lester drive off to the school to pick up Eliza from Chess Club]

[Lester uses very bad words on the way to Chess Club]

Eliza: "See you later, Jenny!"

Barbara: "Come on, Eliza!"

[Eliza gets into the car with Jo, Lester, Maybel, and Barbara]

Barbara: "So, did you have a good time at Chess Club?"

Eliza: "Uh-huh."

Barbara: "Anything interesting, honey?"

Eliza: "Yep, we got to play chess."

Lester: "ARE...WE...GOING...HOME..YET??"

Jo: "Stop the car, Barbara. Stop the car."

[Barbara stops the car. Jo turns around and faces Lester. She looks sternly at him.]

Jo: "Lester, you do not distract the driver like that. That is dangerous."

Jo: "As soon as we got home, Mom and I put Lester straight into the Reflection Room."

[Jo and Barbara place Lester into the Reflection Room]

Barbara: "Lester, you do not distract the driver, because it is dangerous and an accident could happen if the driver is not watching the road."

Jo: "And what else for? What about what happened before we picked Eliza up?"

Barbara: "You were being defiant and disrespectful to me and swearing at me before we left to pick your sister up from one of her afterschool activities. You will stay there for 10 minutes. Plus you lost your XBOX One for the whole day."

[Lester starts smacking Barbara's face]

Jo: "You do NOT under any circumstances hit your mother! That's naughty behavior!"

[Lester pulls Jo's hair]

Jo: "Let go of my hair! That is unacceptable and it's not a game!"

[Barbara and Jo leave Lester in the Reflection Room]

[Lester escape and spits on Jo's arm]

Barbara: "You've now lost your Gladiators DVD's!"

[Barbara confiscates Lester's Gladiators DVDs and puts Lester back in the Reflection Room and leaves him there]

Lester: "I HATE YOU... MOTHER(bleep)ING MOM!!!!"

[Lester smacks Barbara in the face, slits his wrist, and knocks over a potted plant]

Barbara: "That's ALL your XBOX One, Playstation 4, Wii U and PS Vita games gone! Consoles included!"

Lester: "I ALREADY LOST MY XBOX One (bleep)!"

10 minutes later

Barbara: "I would like you to apologize to me, Lester."

Lester: "NO! Not until you... give back my stuff!"

Barbara: "I want an apology."

Lester: "I'M...NOT...GIVING...YOU...ONE!!!"

Barbara: "Fine, you can stay here in this room."

[Lester kicks Barbara in the face]

[Jo begins to use a authoritive voice]

Jo: "Kicking your mother is unacceptable behavior, and I will not tolerate this anymore. You will stay here and think about your actions. When your mother comes back, she expects an apology."

Lester: "SHUT YOUR MOUTH, JO!!!"

[Lester punches Jo in the face]

[Jo continues to use a authoritive voice, while keeping low-tone]

Jo: "You do not use this phrase because it's inappropriate!"

Lester: "I DON'T CARE,... (bleep)!"

[Lester kicks Jo in the face]

Jo: "For talking to me that way, you've now lost your iPod Nano."


Jo: "Now you have automatically lost your TV privileges."

[Max arrives home]

Max: "I'm home! Where's Lester?"

Lester: "Off with your head!"

[Eliza is hiding in her room, as she starts her homework]

[Lester walks out of the Reflection Room and knocks the television over]


Lester: "SHUT UP!"

Jo: "Lester's tantrum was epic. It held on for another 3 hours."


Barbara: "Lester, just stop it. I am not in the mood for this."


[Barbara loses it]

Barbara: "I'm so sorry, Jo, but I can't deal with this (bleep)!"

[Barbara runs away in tears]

[Jo gets very upset and annoyed with Lester]

Jo: "Lester, do not act angry towards your mother by saying rude comments at her!"


[Jo doesn't seem even a little pleased and starts using a authoritative voice again]

Jo: "Young man, this behavior is not a game! Go back to the Reflection Room and stay there!"

Lester: "(bleep) OFF, YOU WORTHLESS... OLD HAG!"


Lester: "Suck my (bleep)!"

Eliza: "Lester? Can you tell me where's my book?"

Lester: "(bleep) OFF, YOU WORTHLESS OLD BRAT!"

Barbara: "What book are you talking about, Eliza?"

Eliza: "David Garbiel's Book of Slime Blasting."

Barbara: "Where was the last place you put it?"

Eliza: "The Dining Room."

(Lester laughs)

Eliza: "Stop the (bleep) laughing, Lester, and give me my book!"

(Eliza punches Lester)

Jo: As Lester's epic tantrum stopped, Eliza got sent to the Reflection Room!

Barbara: "Eliza! This is your warning."

Eliza: "But he just took my book and he just annoyed me,"

(Lester's cheeks are filled with something)

Lester: "I'm about to vomit."

Barbara: "Eliza, your nature book is gone for punching Lester in the gut until tomorrow."

(Lester vomits offscreen)

Announcer: "Coming up on Supernanny."

Thought Box for ElizaEdit

Jo: "Eliza stays after school for afterschool activities as a refuge from her brother, who torments her at home, and makes her life at home a living nightmare, so today I introduced the thought box."

Jo: "Eliza, it's me, Jo-Jo. Mind if I come in?"

Eliza: "Not at all."

[Jo steps into Eliza's room]

Jo: "I'd like to introduce to you the thought box, is that okay? Here, you can write down your own thoughts and ideas and put it in this box so that your mom and dad will know what's going on in your mind? Would you like that?"

Eliza's 9th BirthdayEdit

Jo: "The next day was Eliza's birthday, and she was having a campout slumber party in her backyard with all of her friends from school. However, little did she suspect was that her celebration was going to end in disaster."

Eliza: "Diane, Rosa, Carol, Debbie, Linda, Zoey, Isabella, and Amelia, I want to thank you all for coming to my birthday party."

[On the refreshments table, there are tofu dogs, mini veggie burgers, a birthday cake, a tray of fruits and vegetables, Tang, roasted potatoes, S'mores, cookies, baby carrots with hummus, cheese and crackers with grapes]

Barbara: "Are you girls having fun?"

Eliza: "Yes, mom."

Debbie: "Where's Jenny, Eliza?"

Eliza: "She couldn't come; she and her family went to a funeral for a great-uncle who passed on."

Eliza: "Dad was cooking outside on a grill with tofu dogs and veggie burgers, and we were all looking at the stars with the telescope mom gave me for Christmas."

Eliza: "We're gonna see the stars tonight."

Jo: "At first, everything started out just fine for a while."

[Eliza and her friends are nestled in their sleeping bags, sleeping in Eliza's tent]

Barbara: "Goodnight, girls. Goodnight Eliza, happy birthday, sweetie."

Jo: "And then Lester ruined everything..."

[Lester, dressed in a Jason Voorhees costume, sneaks into their tent]

[Eliza and the other girls scream in horror]

Diane/Debbie: "JASON VOORHEES!"

Linda/Zoey/Carol/Isabella: "Aaah! Run for it!"

Amelia/Rosa: "HELP!"

Eliza: "Please don't hurt me, Mr. Voorhees!"

[The girls scream in terror from the tent]

Girls: "Aah! Help us! Jason Voorhees!!!"

Max: "Girls...shut up and go to sleep! I have work in the morning!"

Barbara: "Lester Malcolm Simpson! Get over here!"

[cut to: Barbara chiding her son]

Barbara: "I do not find that funny that you think it's okay to scare your sister and her friends like that, mister. Now get in the house."

Lester wants to go to his friend Keanu's birthdayEdit

Lester: "Mom, may I go to my friend Keanu's birthday party? Please?"

Barbara: "I suppose so."

Lester: "Thanks, Mom."

Barbara: "Remember to call me on my cell if anything goes wrong."

Lester: "Okay, got it."

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