The Simpson family is a Fanon Season 5 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits Springfield, Missouri to meet the Simpsons. Max, age 39, and Barbara, age 36, have three children: Lester, age 10, Eliza, age 8½, and Maybel, age 1. Lester, diagnosed with ADHD, pulls pranks, vandalizes, and terrorizes his sister Eliza. He swears, spits, pushes, has very bad table manners, defaces public property, fights with his sister Eliza, disruptive behavior at somber events, school, and at church. He was caught shoplifting a video game at a discount store. Maybel plays with her daddy's power tools, which is considered dangerous. She also mimics violent acts in cartoons. Eliza is not too much, she only swears. She complains about her gift going to waste since she is a gifted child who sometimes feels left out due to her brother's behavior, but Max, a full-time nuclear power plant inspector, comes home late after hanging around with his friends at the bar, is too lazy to put his foot down while he's busy watching TV and drinking beer while his stay-at-home housewife, Barbara, has to deal with all the kids. Is Jo up to the challenge?

Discipline techniques used: Naughty Pit (for Maybel), Reflection Room (for Lester and Eliza)

Other techniques used: Baby Log, Vandal Disposal, Thought Box (for Eliza)

Transcripts in Theory GamesEdit

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