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Shuttin' has nothing main to do with Supernanny, but it is a parody song by Angelo Todaro, that released in May 2024. It is a parody of Shakin' by Eddie Money. It is sang to try to insult the Kirochu Family.


Anna Kirochu is a very stupid girl,
I wanna kill her, wanna steal her soul,
Has Ji kwong lost her mind?
I wanna burn her, wanna boil her alive,
Tariko is a Pokemon loving (bleep)
(Bleep) her,
You will be shuttin',
I'll twist your fingers,
I will kill you round and round,
You will be shuttin',
I wish Godzilla will destroy your house,
And (bleep), you stop being such a (bleep),
I am (bleep)ing higher, suck my (bleep), you (bleep),

'cause I will kill you in the middle of the night,

Shut up,
Shut the (bleep) up,
I will shoot and kill you round and round,
I will burn your remains where they won't be found

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